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I got pm from Entropy on today and he said that due to you being the founder of bwmn you hav ebeen invited to "1com". He said it quite cryptical so i didn't really get what he was saying. I have a few ideas, but he said that you would tell me about it later :p Congratulations (i guess?) :)
2005, 11, 26 12:53
So the invetes were for 1com, i see. What is 1com? I tought that to post maps in you have to got an invitation, sorry i understood things wrong.
2005, 11, 26 13:34
what is 1com?^^
2005, 11, 26 14:14
1com stand for 1 community and there was a very long text once at WGT which described it more in the detail

it shall work as metacommunity for all different SC/BW communities
2005, 11, 26 17:27
btw... nice :)
2005, 11, 26 17:27

The "map developers forum" is a plataform to facilitate the pormotion of events @ so only a few representatives from this noble site will be invited. You guys have already a working forum and we would hate to interfere with it. Now if you guys want a forum set up specificially for your community we can also arrange that but I think it would hurt your community than help it.

"1com" is strickly for community leaders and webmasters (boring, trust me)
2005, 11, 26 19:47
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