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well, who'll write the battle reports for those showmatches now?
I haven't done anything like this so far, but I would do it if needed. Best would be some kind of work-splitting imo, but every report should be uploaded and discussed here...

for the procedure: I'd say we should deny someone writing about the games on his own maps, cuz could be a bit biased then...
2005, 12, 09 14:49
I don't think it's a problem.

It's 8 games.
SP does 1, 2, 3
flo does 4, 5
I do 6, 7, 8

2005, 12, 09 14:52
why not, while I'm still into it that writing about games on your map makes you maybe overlooking some imbalances during game so you're not neutral
2005, 12, 09 14:56
i need game 1
2005, 12, 09 18:49
look in file DB:)
2005, 12, 09 18:56
im a bit slow, but ive almost finnished describing game 1... will be long reports though so i expect to be done by sunday or something :p
2005, 12, 10 00:21
both BR uploaded and adapted to html-presentation :)

screens not possible for me, no way...
someone else can maybe make them and edit it.
2005, 12, 10 18:37
Imo we should get a newspost now. If the showmatch is too far behind in time, it won't be worth a "news" anymore.
2005, 12, 10 19:21
thx for adding pictures.
yet, OttS is a 2-player map, you wrote (4)OttS on the image :p

I'd loved to have a large pic of the trap mentioned in the first game...I accidentally paused the game during it, and it looked so great in this very second, would have been REALLY worth a pic
2005, 12, 10 19:26
I know, it looked good. I'm busy right now though :O

Just done interview, lemme see...
Panschk:hi mireille
got 5 minutes for short interview?

technical problem lol
it says "Panschk sagt" and "emil sagt"
so cant copy paste that
oh well nevermind, i can edit that fast afterwards^^
okay I start now;)
Congratulations to your win vs technics. How much did you practise the maps before?
I didnt really practise them, I just played a couple of games at everymap and considered some strategys and buildorders on the maps. However I only played 3 of the 4 maps more then once.
In the 6. game of the series on origo_hills, you had some scv blocked behind gas. How did that happen and how did you get it out of there?
hm I can't really remember. But there is a very tight main on Origio Hills(like Neo Forte). Because of the narrow build they didnt follow my orders. However i can't really remember it since I focused on the micro of the game and i havnt watched the replays yet.
Which was your favorite game of the series? I liked game 6 (wraith game) most.
Yes that was a cool game, but the worst map. First game on Origio Hills I so badly raped cause i didnt know the map and all the entrys to the expos. However I dicided to play with wraiths in the second game on Origio Hills and it went out pretty smooth.
I got badly raped*
What was you impression of technics? I felt like he was stronger in the macro part of the game than micro, while I thought your micro was your biggest strength. Was the result "fair" for both players?
Hm yes, considering the maps the results where pretty fair. Technics was better then i thought and played very solid. I felt confused in all 8 games and wasnt sure about strategys nore the maps. Technics biggest strength was the maps, he played them allot better then I did and knew exactly what was going on in the game, wich is sad that i couldnt make use of like him. On the other hand I won
wait comming more..
My games rather easy by just reading hes moves. Some avararge micro and macro was enough to give me the win.
okay, so studying maps is pretty important it seems:)
Do you think playing "user maps" could become more popular in the months and years to come? In my opinion the situation has already improved a lot in the past two years, remember how it was almost lost temple only back then?
* i'm talking bw scene in general
Ofcorse! When I heard about this showgame with new maps I got very excited. It was really fun to try new maps and be the first one to archive the best strategys of the maps. It's not as easy as it looks. In normal showgames you just watch some replays with some good players of the map. This time I had to decide 100% by myself what to do.
comming more..
The gosugamers MOTW tourney is cool and a prefect way to gain new experience of different maps. Thanks to this and events like Blizzcon or PGT ladder people starting to play different maps then LT.
yeah, PGT did a very good job too:)
Do you think playing "user maps" could become more popular in the months and years to come? In my opinion the situation has already improved a lot in the past two years, remember how it was almost lost temple only back then?
oh lol
thats old
Would you play another showmatch like this some day, and if yes, do you already have some wish for opponent? (This is more for us to know than for newsposts^^)
I just wrote some and copy paste you know^^
Yes I really want to play it again, and maybe a protoss opponent this time on a higher level. I would say Draco. Hes a good protoss and it could be really cool games! :)
This could be very interesting. We'll see what we can do
That's everything for now, I will try to get a newspost up asap.
Any greetings or comments? (oh and maybe you can give me link to some image of you, for more E-fame ^_^;)
2005, 12, 10 20:07
Okay..can someone try to push guys to a newspost? I PMed entropy and sent a news tip, no newspost yet T_T
2005, 12, 11 16:33
neither one on
2005, 12, 11 19:50
Entropy is a busy guy. And there's been, like, 3-4 showmatch newsposts and a bunch of other newsposts in the past few days on so people might need a break. :P
2005, 12, 12 04:28
Yeah, bad timing:(

Well, entropy told me he will post monday or tuesday, so it's all good :)
2005, 12, 12 11:19
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