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So the showmatch is finished. I just watched all replays, really some nice games. I esp. liked game 5 (scourge ownage) and game 6 (wraith's taking revenge). I hope flo and SP can do "their" battle reports tomorrow, and an interview with one of the player would be nice too. When we have all that, we should pre-write a newspost for I can do that.
If for any reason you will not be able to do the reports untill saturday 16:00, then say it, so someone else can replace you.

2005, 12, 09 23:55
im aiming sunday...
game 1 is almost finnished, but i dont know if all 3 will be done by 16.00 :/

ill try my best though
2005, 12, 10 01:22
As the final MotW tour this year will be held just at new year, i would like if we could have some "look back" and hold a tour on the mot popular maps weve had this year. Should we see if gg is into that? Or perhaps try the wings with the new legacy connection?
2005, 12, 10 13:49
I won't be able to do it until 16:00 (need re-installing BW for screenies, need to make them, need to add them and design the battle report(
then, gotta do all this again for 5th game...

but I will have it tonight.
2005, 12, 10 15:28
damn this is boring to write :P i cant sort out whats important.. better someone else writes game 2 and 3 :(
2005, 12, 10 15:30
if you give me more time, I could do this, I have already watched those games...
and I like writing^^
2005, 12, 10 15:35
Well, make it short then. It is enough to read already, just finish it :O
2005, 12, 10 15:36
at this very moment i am struggling with patching the re-installed broodwar...
it's actually waiting for the closed game to close, which seems relatively unusual for me.
2005, 12, 10 15:44
okay, I'll do reports for #2 and #3 (short ones tough)

SP please post your's for game 1.
2005, 12, 10 16:28
updated report #5
going to make the html-design now
2005, 12, 10 17:35
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