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Map Packs?
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So I was thinking about making a news at about each of the admins/most accomplished mappers here. Probably one for SP, Listoric, LGI, Panschk, flo and trcc. Did I forget anyone that should be included? Just maybe a sentence or two about each person, and a map pack of 3 or 4 maps per person.

I'm just thinking out loud. My question is, would you guys want me to do this? If so, what would you like me to write and which maps would you like me to include?
2006, 01, 08 07:32
Personally I do not like the idea of personalizing it so much. I prefer if we act more as a team. Anyway, I think Entropy already gathered some map packs from some mappers here, maybe he wanted to publish them.

I actually do not want that much publicity right now to stop the newbie flood :/
2006, 01, 08 09:12
But on the other hand we can try to start discussions for BWMN mappack 2.

I would like the same concept again, maps from many different people. But if the majority wants the focus somewhere else or some themed-base MP, we can do this too.
2006, 01, 08 09:15
Well about the Entropy map packs that he gather. I already change my map pack... A lot. About the new idea. I think panschk got a point with the newbie flood. But this flood i can take, it's not hurting me. It hurts when somewhen write "Lol so stupid map, i play it with some friends in my clan sever games, and in the end - the map was stupid", and you don't get any replaies! After that all start talking the same BS as the person above... This just sucks and it's not fair... If you flame a map, you should tell why!
2006, 01, 08 10:55
yea dont do that. Too many mappack make people bored. Better save the news until BWMN mappack 2. All our best maps at that point were collected in bwmn pack 1 anyways.
2006, 01, 08 13:26
Alright, that's cool. THanks for the input.
2006, 01, 08 21:24
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