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10+ players in a map??
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Some time ago i downloaded two map editors ("SC X-tra Editor" and "Scmdraft") that allowed to place more than 8 start locations. I made a map with 10 start locattions but when i created the game i saw only 8 slots. I was wondering if anybody has a map for more than 8 players or knows how to do that or if it is possible.
2006, 01, 15 18:40
It's impossible.The start positions above 8 are only for computer units.
2006, 01, 15 18:43
That's possible.
Download triggers for 9-12 players here:

That's PR :D
2006, 01, 15 19:41
there's not going to be more than eight people joining the game though, no matter what you do
2006, 01, 16 02:53
Sure, but they could be triggered CPUs.
2006, 01, 16 08:31
With that triggers and extra startpositions you could create a 8 player vs 4 computer (or just 3?) map somehow maybe. But the 12 is for neutral units anyway, so i doubt you can use it for the computer as a slot.
2006, 01, 16 15:36
I have a friend named Softwarewolf which makes UMS maps and games exclusively. He has made an 8-player defence map with 4 comps, using this, so it definately is possible.
2006, 01, 16 18:09
Hey, I know softwarewolf . I used chill with all those oldschool &Z Map makers. Those guys make the most complicated UMS in a few hours. I never had the patience with switches and gave up UMS making.
2006, 01, 17 08:04
Haha, I still make UMS maps every now and then.
2006, 01, 17 11:55
I've made a few dumb ums games... like "MIND CONTROL WARZZ!!!111" where every player begins with a bunch of dark archons and the objective is to mind control each other's. you die when you run out, and the last guy standing wins. it's pretty funny
2006, 01, 17 22:59
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