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What is your best map?
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I dunno if there was a discussion about this already, but if so, too bad :P

What is my best map? I dunno really...
2006, 01, 16 22:44

I love that map so much... at the moment, it's definitely in my top 3 at this entire site.

2006, 01, 16 22:58
i like shangri la
2006, 01, 16 23:18
hm origo hills or evisceration I guess.
both have their style. while OH seems to be liked by the progamers on our showmatches, evisc just is so stylish and full of crazy stuff ;D

but atm I love Autumn Diver most, lovin it!
2006, 01, 16 23:23
It may be quite off in balance, but I love home of the swarm. btw I think about getting gas nats, I think this could actually help balance, as the other races need the gas at least as much as zerg, plus more gas games are usually just more fun.
2006, 01, 16 23:35
well, that would mean zerg overpower imo.
2006, 01, 16 23:46
dont have one yet, they all suck so far><
2006, 01, 17 00:17
2006, 01, 17 00:48
Temple of Eden. I love to play it and i know LGI loved it once, my best map by far.
2006, 01, 17 00:54
Ahhh... you were asking what we each think our best map is... well I answered what I think your best map is anyways.

I think my best ones are either Divine Revelation or my new one, Kal Ho Naa Ho II.
2006, 01, 17 01:08
Still youre right. Constuction is his best map ^^
2006, 01, 17 01:58
Yeah, I think so :D. I love that map so much.

Lis, I just noticed that in the middle expos you have to mine through the mins to get to the gas... that's awesome!
2006, 01, 17 03:29
I think Sleeping Sun.
2006, 01, 17 06:57
First i tought it's Grapes of Wrath 2.0, but in game i like Hocus Peakus most! I love that Hocus Peakus become very beautiful, and i think well balanced, so Hocus Peakus takes the lead.
2006, 01, 17 11:15
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