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Where do you Game at?
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I mentioned earlier that we should set up times to play motw maps or jus maps that are asked to be played jus to show some love to fellow mapmakers. make it easy and jus state ur sn.. then which you play on.. east, west, etc. also tell the times you can be found on I wanted to make this thread so we can set up official times to find eachother so we all can play it up!

My shit:
Only on the weekends and im usually on all day.
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 02, 14 06:32
op prOxi
On from about 00:00 CET 'til 7:00 CET

My MSN is and my AIM is epidion27
2006, 02, 14 08:48
Lnept at useast Op Arcology
inept at uswest op proxi
2006, 02, 14 19:59
Tis 8:30 altantic time ... who is gaming tonight? state your name relm and time ull be able to play .. lets try to have games for awoken demons, prelude of life, no-mans land lemuria etc. lets make it official and get to the gaming part of motw.
2006, 02, 15 02:32
US West op hyo-
op tost
Nickname: 6367
2006, 02, 15 06:41
whose gaming today/tonight? put ur sn here and realm and time ull be there aight motw games tonight! have fun
2006, 02, 16 00:26
USEast/Guru_Pekkel, public chat kj
USWest/MuShuPork, op cal

I'm usually on on weekends.
modified by MuShu
2006, 02, 16 05:51
Europe op tot), op 3Dclan / v.mOsQ
Pro Gamers Tour / --v.mOsQ
2006, 02, 16 10:33
whose gaming today/tonight? put ur sn here and realm and time ull be there aight motw games tonight! have fun!!!!!
2006, 02, 17 02:55
icq 344156561
2006, 02, 17 06:22
good idea name ur email aim sn icq w.e. u got..

aim sn: NastyNickD223
2006, 02, 17 06:40
I will be gaming tonight message me on aim or thru bwm.n. Ill be on around 9pm or 10pm US atlantic time.. and will be done around 3am US altantic time. Ill be playing the motw canidates on US EAST u can find me in TS (Terran Strategy Channel). im playing the maps 2 times each .. im gamin on the ones i feel are everyones top maps so message me if u want to game etc...
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 02, 17 18:32
will make 2-3 games now

acc: flothefreak

if you join euro, we can game a bit
2006, 02, 17 19:57
Accnt: Arden(WoF)
Realm: US EAST

I'm pretty damn noob compared to some of you guys, but I still enjoy playing.
modified by Arden(WoF)
2006, 02, 18 06:07
Its almost 3:30 US atlantic time? whose gaming today? im gonna play some of the motw right now.. u can find me on US EAST now wit NastyMarine sn. whisper me
2006, 02, 18 21:17
2006, 02, 19 08:15
PGTour aka:
2006, 02, 19 08:54
i understand the article.. i jus want an active thread reminding ppl to play motw more often.
2006, 02, 19 18:14
USEast channel LUE
2006, 02, 20 17:58
IA-Sky @ USWest
Clan IA @ USwest
2006, 02, 21 09:16
US East: bogmonster
2006, 02, 22 02:09
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