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Read website feedback for info in the "abandoned projects" category

other categories to insert:

* "Fun" - category for maps aimed on racewar or similar scenarios

* "Team Play" - 3vs3 and 4vs4 maps aimed for that purpose. perhaps if 2on2 maps is aimed at 2on2 and not 1v1 it could be here too, but mostly the maps with multiple (6+) Startlocations should be here.

think about it and if there should be better names or categories, post them too.
2005, 07, 28 14:17
We will probably never have it perfect. I image in being even harder to draw the line between a "fun" and a "real" map. I see you want to have a place for maps that have style and some nice ideas, but that are just imbalanced for classic 1on1 or 2on2 play. Still, I think a new category for maps like overmind might be good. Maybe we could call it "experimental", maps like soora kingdom would fit in there too.

Would you be the one to look through the map and change it then?^^
2005, 07, 28 14:33
Ofcourse :9
2005, 07, 28 15:12
They should not be under beta niether under finnished. justa new button . "experimental"
2005, 07, 28 15:13
They should not be under beta niether under finnished. justa new button . "experimental"
2005, 07, 28 15:13
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