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Want to be on an RTS design team?
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[size=7]The idea[/size]
Ok I am a programer and wanted to make my own game, and sence I am also an sc nerd, the obvoius choice is an RTS ^^. I started off getting a bunch of programers to help be on programing team, and they would also be on the design team, but none of them have played any RTS's, and if they have they aren't good at them =P. So I want some SC players to help me design this game. The whole project will take 3-4 years, and I'm not trying to create the next Starcraft or anything like that, I am somewhat realistic here and realize this will never get amazingly popular, but might get some playtime in the RTS community, and definatly some in the game dev community (as most big projects like this do). So I already have a few programers, and know that I can get more who are willing to work on this, so finding them is not going to be an issue.

[size=7]Your job[/size]
I would get a few people and form a design team. Incase you are unaware, a design team fully plans out every aspect of the game before it is made, of caurse many things will be changed throughout but it will still have the same backbone that was created in design, and the beteer desgined it is, the less has to be changed, and the faster the game gets finished. The designing will probobly take about a month of work on the initial design, plus any time in beta testing. I plan to either give away or sell the game (if it is good) on a website so you'll will get a small portion of the profit if there is any, keep in mind it will be very small cause there will be alot of designers, and you'll will spend a short time on this, compared to the programers who will spend years of work on it.

[size=7]Plans so far[/size]
These are just the basic plans, I have more ideas, and these ideas aren't set in stone if the design team dosen't like anything here.
[size=6]Game Play[/size]
The main focus on the game will be vercitility and variaty, two games with the same races can go COMPLETLY diferent dpending on the map and what your opponent builds, and what they do with what they build. The gameplay, like reasources and terrain is going to be the first thing the design team is going to have to tackle. I am goign to have a campaign mode, and a multiplayer mode.

[size=7]Contact info[/size]
AIM: Syrreph
USEast: Syrreph.scm - Syrreph
Or you can just post here with your comments/ideas.
modified by Syrreph
2006, 03, 25 00:20
No offense, but to me it sounds like you are day-dreaming. Do you realise how much work that is, how hard it is to do it. It will be possible to find ppl to work for you some weeks for free, but I`m pretty sure most will give up after some months, and if the documentation is not very good, you will not be able to use their work. Well there are thousands of possible problems you dont know and I dont know neither. Just try to be realistic so you dont fall from too high ;(
2006, 03, 25 15:22
anybody know what happened to the forums?? therre all messed up..
2006, 03, 25 15:37
Yea sure, it is a big thing, yea sure there is a good chance it might not happen. But I am not the only one that does this kinda stuff, there are many sites like where alot of programers work on projects for years, sometimes they get those right and are able to sell em, sometimes they do ok and they give em away for free, and even sometimes they go commercial (very rarely.

Alot of programers will spend years on a big project like this with no pay, just cause they like to do it, they get there name out there, they get stuff to show off, and they can always hope that they do a good enough job thet they can make some money from it.

So I can garuntee that it will get finished, now weither it is done well and weither it is succesfull depends on a ton of things, so yea...
2006, 03, 25 15:56
i can design maps for it when u get that far :o
2006, 03, 25 16:45
Im studying to become a concept artist in college so i can do some gameplay planning etc .. i can design gameplay pictures.. enviromental designing.. characters... (i can draw all types of things basically)
2006, 03, 25 16:55
We could really use a concept artist, but I sorta wanted it to be someone who didn't play sc, becuase I feel this is going to turn out alot like sc (as the design team is all sc players =P), but yea contact me on AIM or MSN.

And starparty, there will be a map maker =P, for UMS and melee. And get on deisgn team, someone with your creativity would be great =P.
2006, 03, 25 17:44
panschk actually this is a really common thing among people trying to break into the gaming industry. if you have a whole game under your belt, it looks really nice on your resume, and at interviews you can give them a disk with the game on it and said "i created this", and it shows the company that not only are you capable of doing the work, but youve done it before and for little to no profit for yourself.

2006, 03, 25 21:12
^, Exactly right. I don't expect to go commercial or anything here, but I do expect I can find plenty of programers. Think about it, if you could program for SC2 in yoour spare time, would you? =P (not saying this is going to be sc2 or anything but =P).
2006, 03, 25 22:35
If the conecpt wouldn't be that gay I would be interested.
2006, 03, 26 00:13
Well where figureing out the concept now so...hit me up on aim or soemthing...
2006, 03, 26 01:01
Yep, concept is crap.
modified by Scorpion
2006, 03, 26 05:27
Its all about execution though. Noone cares about story and stuff;P If it plays well its all fine imo
2006, 03, 26 22:43
Concept is completly scraped btw, we are going to be making new races...

and yea execution has a lot to do with it, but we could really think of NOTHING to fit on top of this story ><.
modified by Syrreph
2006, 03, 26 23:05
I presonally like weird and innovative stories. Really there are enough hyper-realistic war-simuluations out there atm. IMO the ideas for story and unit names etc can come later in the process, someone will have a nice idea here and there and then someone will just have to put it together:)
2006, 03, 27 12:46
oh btw i had an idea for a race for starcraft. Bio pretty much. It has seeds or something for workers, it works like zerg where you plant a seed and it makes the building. Flower is supply, Then you have Amebas and shit lol:)

they would pretty much have no powerful units like BC and CArrier and be all about quick small units
2006, 03, 27 16:22
Ok, here is the new concept...
- Due to two super powers of the galaxy, a total war has eccalated into Chemical warfare able to cause more damage than nukes and in a chain reaction they caused tramatic reactions with the Stars, and the galaxy is completly distrought.

And we haven't really decided yet where it is going to go from their, or even what races this is going to involve. It will probobly lead to some sort of war for reasources, land, and control of the destroyed empire. So the game basicly starts at the end of a war between two main races.
2006, 03, 27 17:11
lets call it..

Star Wars!

I really draemed of making an RTS myself since C&C1, but something like modelling, animation and creating a game engine is taking sooo much time and skill.
modified by Listoric
2006, 03, 28 03:41
Ugh, this is not asking for programing help, or any help with the art.

This is asking for help on a design team. A design team fully plans out the game and writes down every single detail before the programing team even touches the game. This will take about a month of work and then you are through with working on the design team. We'll keep you updated on how the project is going though.

All that is required from you is that you work with us, adding your own ideas and judging other peoples ideas until we have a completly finished document that has all the plans for the game.
2006, 03, 28 03:48
2006, 03, 29 21:41
2006, 03, 30 04:19
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