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New feature: GMCS
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Okay, this is only beta-status right now, but the idea is quite cool imo.

On any map-comments page, there is a link to GMCS (graphical map commenting system), the idea is to replace mapimages with stuff drawn in it to explain changes one would make.
Right now, the stuff is horribly slow, give it 1-2 minutes to load. Your symbol will only be visible after refreshing the page. The text is displayed if you keep the mouse on one of the symbols.
2005, 07, 30 16:21
This is actually very cool, just make sure that when you post a comment, that the image above auto reloads, so you can see that your comment was added
2005, 07, 30 17:48
GW btw :9
2005, 07, 30 17:48
Well, I just did some math. It is over 8,000 of these points that are displayed. Let's say it is 20byte for a point (remember that there is always a Link that goes with it) That's about 160 KB of extra traffic. Having this amount of Data to reload every time you post would not be very reasonable. I'm thinking about reducing the number of points to 32*32 instead of 64*64, or maybe I just let it that way. I think I will add an extra page. On the first, only the current comments are displayed, on the secound you will be able to post new ones. I don't know how to realise that now, I'll see.

Also, I just saw that the images just repeat if the image is smaller than 768*768. I will change it so that they don't.
2005, 07, 30 19:35
less dots is, ok, its too many now and theyre only hard to pick with the mouse, so less dots is welcomed.

**A Bug**

When viewing maps smaller than 128x128 SE the picture will dupe itself. Have a look at river of gods for example, that map is 128x96.. and the image gets duplicated on the remaining space.
2005, 07, 30 19:58
Aslo the text in the gmcs shoult be "click on a dot" , not on a "point". wrong word there :o
2005, 07, 30 20:20
yeah, my english is not that good. I hope I get to fix that tonight.
2005, 07, 30 21:05
hope my newspost was ok :P
2005, 07, 30 21:16
Make sure you cant click on the marks, only hover and read. when you click you get 404
2005, 07, 31 02:11
No way I can make that sure. You click where you want. If it was only for IE users, I'd need no link at all, just the image and it's "alt" tag would be enough. But at least my FF shows no "alt" information when hovering the image. So I added the same information as in the alt-tag for the image in the link, this way you can read the comments with FF, too.
2005, 07, 31 13:02
The thing is that when im hovering i get the "click a link" mouse pointer, and its hard to resist clicking :P And when i do i get 404 cause the link leads nowhere...
2005, 07, 31 15:22
It's not a bug itself, but you have to click on the written letters to enter the menu, so i always slip between the letters where is isn't linked, understand? :)
2005, 08, 01 18:44

when you added display comments you moved image down, but you didnt move the dots, so the dots on gmcs isnt acurate with dots in image. so every symbol gets misplaced with about 10 dots vertical! :P Easyest sollution: put "display" options below image :o
2005, 08, 02 14:00
is this comment posted on top in news now?
2005, 08, 02 14:26
Nope :P
2005, 08, 02 14:26
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