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Isn't sombeody goign to fix spam?
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What is with all the blank post stuff, it seems to have stoped now, but....o0, maybe adding a post limit of 1 per minute?
2006, 03, 25 15:00

come on, one post per minute sucks. I would not visit this site anymore :(

I am pretty confident it will stop very soon, if not we will have to make login mandatory...which would be very sad for the internet and humanity. Again few idiots would destroy something many good people worked on.
2006, 03, 25 15:06
panschk: i don't think it is one guy making the effort to write an empty comment in every thread. i think it's a script.
2006, 03, 25 15:58
yea that's what I thought to...

but it has stoped, so maybe it was a person o0, with absolutly no life =P.
modified by Syrreph
2006, 03, 25 16:12
and it can be stopped with the checkbox I TOLD PANSCHK TO INSERT ALREADY LONG LONG TIME AGO ÖSD:MGGVOD

2006, 03, 25 16:53
man come on. checking a box everytime you post? How annoying is that please? I don`t think terrorists should dictate our lives, neither in real life nor internet :x

It was a bot ofc, I have no idea what purpose it serves though.
2006, 03, 25 17:56
i already told a solution to this: with an account, it is permanently checked, so no problem.

as guest, you have to check it. if you're a 3-post-guest, it won't annoy to check the box "everytime". if you make more than 5 posts, you're better off with an account anyway. (most ppl actually create an account without the need)

AND the bots are gone <- PRORPOPRPROPROPPRO
2006, 03, 25 18:13
2006, 03, 30 03:40
Your messageCuase oof caurse, it did go away by itself ><....*rolleyes*. It seems like a script though, beucase it's doing it in the same weird way it did it last time, it has a few paterns.
2006, 03, 30 05:40
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