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MotS next season
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Somewhere on PGT [Pat] started a thread asking for suggestions and nominations for the MotS next season. This is our time to shine, we need to dominate this guys. But the map we support has to be play tested!
2006, 04, 07 14:34
We need sum1 nuetral to play god here
2006, 04, 07 19:39

Okay, I wrote out a big-ass essay for it :P. 1st post on page 2 of the article, not the poll.
2006, 04, 11 00:29
It really disgusts me how some idiots there just blatantly exclaim how all of those maps suck without any logical reasonings. I'd love to see them make better maps.
2006, 04, 11 00:56
Well I have to admit I wouldn't like to play all 3 maps too...
2006, 04, 11 04:11

i voted for MC, loved it since release.
modified by Listoric
2006, 04, 11 04:36
"[x] memory cell all the way.

chameleon is the best product of bill so far, clearly. but memory cell played great. grapes of wrath? LGI, i would support it if i didn't know you evolved this concept much better in Hocus Peakus, which is better in all aspects. grapes of wrath might have some balance-problems, too."
2006, 04, 11 12:24
yea memory cell would just be better over all for a MOTS...The other 2 would be interesting to have in the pack but i dont think anyone should have to play them for the extra pts as they have some imbalances, and everyone knows how much the public hates imbalance.
2006, 04, 11 20:57
2006, 04, 12 00:14
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