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Supreme Commander
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From Chris Taylor maker Total Annihilation, with his new company releasing Great New strategy game for pc it sceduled for release in 2007

Taylor, an early pioneer in the RTS category, will mark his return to a genre that he helped popularize

here IGN link
Supreme Commander

heres main site link for game

here description of game

Set in the 37th century, Supreme Commander signals the next evolution in the RTS genre by being the first strategy game to deliver a truly strategic and tactical experience.

It already won E3 best Strategy game award 2006 and best pc game of 2006.

Like TA the strategy is more tactical and is almost infinite compared to limited starcraft, in this game you dont know where your enamy is, the maps are biggest ever seen on strategy, forget 128x128, regular size here are something 3000x3000, what a real battle be in real world, but game has some units that can warp and air can be used with transports to make getting to enamy faster with land tanks & troops.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 06, 04 06:57
sounds pretty bad. TA played pretty smooth, but it felt "dead" to me, no character, no athmospaere. Bigger maps, more units, more not the way to go imo.

Just the idea of making 3000*3000 maps for an RTS game, the minimap problem would be the same as in SC with bigger maps...
2006, 06, 04 22:43
This not a sequal to TA, Ta owned by Atari, chris tayor dont owns right to it anymore. Its whole new game.

In minimap units are presented as icons, 50 units is 1 icon, no matter what the size is, the minimap looks same each time. you can zoom out from battlefield to a satalite view from space onto planet and you can see whole map, the minimap not used that much in this + now this game theres no need for macro or micro, you can still micro if you want but its more like a real commander would issue orders to each squadron, cunstruction bot to build any buildings without taking up your time to build 1 at a time like starcraft, its plays like you give this squadron to attack give next one patrol, give subs to attack with nukes, and all the units arive at same time they build in AI smart enough to do most damage with or without to much micro, but you can take control to your units directly when they reach enamys base, and dont have to worry about your base and building because you already given orders to all buildings and units there.

TA the story was kinda lame, but this one is 100% taylors Idea, It's his company making this, TA he didnt have all control his input was like 50%, he was just part of a team. This game there are 3 factions, 2 spawned from humans, earth experimented with AI and made some humans with AI implants, but those subhumans divided, and spawed 3rd subhuman, that mixed tech with aliens and now 3 Fanction are at war with each other, they all have thier own culture.

I seen the trailer, this be best simulation-tactical strategy game, chris taylor not calling this strategy game because he breaking all the standard

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 06, 05 03:43
theres few things i dont like about starcraft. crappy low res, and all micro to just do somthing, I would liked that you took a probe and give him 10 things to do and dont haveto babysit every thing on starcraft, and when you build units you have only 5 units and haveto go gate and keep clicking everthing over and over, TA you just que million units from this plant and forget it, TA is more fun and is more tactical. Starcraft tedious, I only play this cause theres more people on bnet and you can play UMS and play agains comps online. Where TA is hosted on which sucks.
2006, 06, 05 04:33
i can tell ur not that great at SC LOL!

well yes there are pros and cons but i think that saying that its a great game already is a bit premature
2006, 06, 05 04:56
Im great at TA, not starcraft, I dont play SC that much, Starcraft don't give me thrills like Ta did When I was playing it online.

starcraft is boring game, starcraft like dune II the game that started RTS, build this unit to counter that unit, mass all your units and attack 1 target, starcraft like others use fake machanics to fire where it hits 100% evertime, and use fake variables.

supreme commander Is more like biuld any unit without worry about balance, and attack 3 or 4 locations at once, go in with air sea and land, you start with air bombers soften front lines then move in your heavy artillery while keeping battleships hamering front lines, then send a nuke from your sub that causes a mass earthquake taking out all enamys masive units, and moving in heavy tanks there after then finally move in the smaller bots to clean up rest.

doesnt this sound like a more fun game then your click and move of starcraft.

this is real battle how its done, it should be tactical.

I doubt that starcraft 2 gonna break any new ground, its more like warcraft. Chris Taylor Breaking new ground with this its a fact already. He broke strategy standard then in 1997 which other designer copied some of his ideas including starcraft which came out in 1998.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 06, 05 05:21
Well probably just different taste...but for me realism is something I actually DO NOT want in "war" games. war is not fun, I prefer if it is more comic-like like and unrealistic like in SC.

Maybe I'll try it when it comes at budget price in 2 years;)
2006, 06, 05 10:38
LOL king of 8 player maps is funny, "oh noes I have to control my units, the game doesn't do it for me!!!!1" what makes Starcraft the great competetive game it is is that it takes skill to be good, not just memorizing strategies. There are pimpest plays because no one strategy works everytime, a player has to do more than just learn the theory, they have to actually have good macro and micro, but knowing the theory certainly helps ;). And 3000x3000? gl making maps, and talk about boring, sounds like a macro mass out on a fastest map, only it takes an hour to reach your enemies. And you don't know where they are? So what, you comsat the whole map? Or just turn fog of war off ^_^ ?
2006, 07, 03 18:51
sounds like all the problems of Age of Empires.

Retarded units that took no creativity to come up with,

1 and a half hour + games

and overall lame.

the thing that attracts starcraft is its strategy from 3 minutes to 2 hours +

sounds like one of those games where you just throw stuff at eachother and get into huge standoffs, kinda like age of empires
2006, 07, 03 22:32

everything i've seen by now is just a bad looking game with "low"polygon units that look as bad as the TA ones did back then. The map also looks quite ugly and the concept isn't appealing at all.

Just as it says, if you have a huge robot, he is wiping everything that comes, even if the enemy has the "in theory" bigger army. which means, that you don't "waste your time" with different small scale battles and just tech to big units wiping out everything. like "fast carrier tech" instead of dropship micro.

just take the hyped zoom function. wth do i need a zoom funktion when i have my micro window AND a minimap to lead all battles at the same time? And, i seem to have to be everywhere, because my enemy might tirpleclick on a certain unit or unittype somewhere on the map, which means, that i'm playing this game like any other game already.

really, this game has nothing, and i really mean nothing, that attracts me as an RTS loving player.

Dawn of War seems to be way more interesting already, and it's years old, not to mention Starcraft.

Big hype, as always the last years, but nothing that is needed really. At least, from what i've seen by now.

Waiting for DoW:Dark Crusade, Starcraft 2 and "something new".
modified by Listoric
2006, 07, 04 03:35
2006, 07, 04 03:41
Starcraft is a game of tactics and intense micro. What SCom seeks to accomplish is to put micro at a minimum and strategy at a maximum. Imo, SC has too much micro in it. Command the workers, command the buildings, command each individual spellcaster >_< SC is a great rts, but it require a ton of micro management to be good.

Saying that SCom has no strategy, like 8plyrmapking said, is a fallacy. There are counters, but like in real war, it's all about timing and suprise. Coming in from the side, flanking an enemy to get to the weak artillery, raiding bases via airstrikes... sound familiar? SCom is SC on an enourmous scale, without all the micro. B4 we get to judgemental, lets wait for the game to be released... it may prove to be better than you think.
2006, 07, 04 07:54
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