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MotS poll @ PGT

These people are driving me nuts! I'm gonna say it straight out, the average gamer cannot judge maps for crap. If they say anything besides their choice, it's either "they all the same" or "they all temple remakes" or "omg so imba".

Already we've gotten the good old world-hating nihilists who insist that "these maps suck, everything sucks" and the people who insist that anything they don't like is imba. "omg the artist is imba because of those 'islands' "

Sorry, had to vent, they're driving me crazy. And if I don't write it here, then I'll end up flaming like crazy at PGT. But gj SpitFire, noname and MA, and gj choosing MotS as a team. They're all good maps, and I can say that no matter which maps wins, I'll be happy to play on it all season!
2006, 06, 06 10:58
yah i also realized, that even the greatest players often don't know anything about balance and alternative tactics
2006, 06, 06 15:22
Meh it's all about Macro.At least I think this is the situation at the moment.
2006, 06, 06 15:41
I REALLY don't think Pat or any of us who helped with the decisions should use this poll for judgement at all. Those guys are like "Omg T maps," and all of those baseless claims. One guy was even like "Dude you should've used pro sick korean map makers." I was like wtf are you stupid? And I looked at his list of maps he played on and they were all the most imbalanced ones too
2006, 06, 06 18:28
Haha yeah I know... the public is retarded. But Pat is covering his ass, which is probably what he should do after they chose Chameleon over Memory Cell. People were NOT happy with Chameleon. As far as I know, people liked Sattarchasm a lot better than they do Chameleon. So this time he's saying "if the map ends up sucking, it's your fault users"

Which is okay with me.
2006, 06, 06 19:47
yea def
2006, 06, 06 19:55
I just want to say that i like every map from the pool and i am really happy whit this. The only thing that i don't like is that from all noname's maps you picked (4)old town... Don't get me wrong the map looks great but the cross position pathfinding will be only from one of the sides. Because they are two paths and every time one of the sides will be revealed and the other side not, which makes some of the expands more safe in 1v1 mode cross positions.
2006, 06, 06 20:31
welcome to the real world where 95 percent of the people are dumb as fuck, and the other 5 percent arent as dumb but are pretty dumb nonetheless.
2006, 06, 06 20:32
If Sacred Grounds and Old town didn't look so similar to each other visually (but not gameplay) I bet they would'ved racked up more votes. Sad...
2006, 06, 06 21:45
Yeah, but I'm 1000x happier knowing that we picked these maps, and I'd much rather play any of these than Chameleon.
2006, 06, 06 22:38
hm all 3 choices look nice to me, I havent played on any of them much really. What is wrong with the Artist winning, its a good map?

You cant expect everyone to post "smart" answers, I think it wasnt that bad. Critics get much harsher here sometimes.
2006, 06, 06 23:37
"I think it wasnt that bad. Critics get much harsher here sometimes."

yea def
2006, 06, 06 23:50
I'm not disgusted with the results; I'm disgusted at the comments people made when choosing the results.
2006, 06, 07 00:35
Mostly this guy eVo.Chicken who said "why are all these people in charge? why don't you get real mappers? or the english speakers from"

So I had to ask him exactly what he meant by that, because we're all "real mappers" and we all speak English.
2006, 06, 07 00:45
2006, 06, 07 00:49
What really sux is that most of these guys never look back at the comments after they've posted their thoughts
2006, 06, 07 01:25
MA, what'd you do to the Sacred Grounds picture?
2006, 06, 09 00:32
PGT community is 90% absolutely dumb.
They just play and play and play and play, so what the fuck they know about the maps?
Absolutely nothing, because they judge not the balance overall, but convenience of map for them. If their protoss looks, only looks, good for them - they will choose the map. Only after the first glance.
And everywhere I read comments: "The Artist. Others are T maps."
Say me plz, when maps without ramp were T?
Actually they disfavour T a lot, because T does not have an advantage of siege tanks shhoting from highground there, and the expands are opened up. Also I see T-FE in any match-up almost impossible.
No choke, open expo - why the Hell they are T maps?
Azalea is a T map, because it has 2 rather safe expos - Old Town and SG do not.
2006, 06, 09 07:50
Haha yep, they're stupid. No worries though, that's why we picked the three maps, so that we'll be happy playing on any of them.
2006, 06, 09 19:52
so true, i went crazy at the last poll too, but actually i'm happy with all 3 maps picked. All of them seem good and have nice ideas in it.

Great to see 3 maps from BWMN, and as said, 3 good ones. Whatever they chose, they chose good.

Gratz you 3 :)
2006, 06, 10 15:05
You are the artists, they are the critics.
You make the food, they taste the food.
In fact, they eat so much that their tastes have become so stringent that they don't like anything beyond the reefs of their imagination. Only way they will be proven wrong is when some gosu plays on it, like nada, and they'll be all over it -_-.
2006, 06, 12 15:49
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