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ok. One vote per IP, that's not that hard to do is it? Personal filtering should be administrated too. Ik Pansck doesn't want to have to do a lot of work but there are still atleast three active admins here right? If you don't feel a map is worthy remove it from MOTW. The people who truly contribute to bwm will care, even if spammers scream fascism.

Remove a vote if you don't feel they have a right to vote. BWM is not necessarily a democratic site. I can't speak for everyone but I trust the admins not to abuse (much).

People with no limited mapping skills (or who have shown none) should not vote. If they don't understand mapping then they should not contribute, that would ruin the site.

I thought my first maps were gosu (before I knew what "gosu" was :) ), I was wrong, and through time and effort learned what I learned about mapping. I make maps better than each previous one (generally) and can give constructive comments on others' maps (usually). For some I've given essay length comments on how to fix everything I see wrong. I feel for the "noob" mapper cuz I was one.

A noob map should be used to become a better mapper, but to make one MOTW is retarded. What I've done as a bwm member I think makes me a contributer to bwm. Someone who spams acounts to try and get a map to win which *clearly* has problems and much room for improvement is not contributing to bwm in a positive way, and should not be allowed to harm the system.

Don't ban them, let them learn over time; making DF MOTW is not however teaching anyone anything good...
2006, 09, 25 04:05
Don't worry i have admin rights too, if someone dare to make DF MotW i will delete the newspost untill someone remove my admin rights.

Sorry GriG, you might be the only bulgarian mapper here and me, but this doesn't mean that i will cover your mistakes in mapping. You don't have to hear it from me. Everyone is pointing the problem(s) whit your map(s).
2006, 09, 25 07:36
2006, 09, 25 09:36
As I said before, I think Panschk should integrate a voting rights system so only the known map makers can vote.
2006, 09, 26 02:04
Few peoples is pointing the problem with my map because see only image. I update map few days ago but didn't update the image. Sorry. This is new image.
2006, 09, 26 12:47
Don't post this EVERYWHERE. And you could simply upload an unprotected version of your map, then it would be a lot easier.
2006, 09, 26 13:14
I have contacted Panschk.. if IP's are the same, im sure they will (the smurfed accounts) will be deleted along with the main account. Problematic members should not be tolerated.. expect a new topic about this from panschk soon. everything should be mentioned in that thread.
2006, 09, 27 00:08
2006, 09, 27 03:30
"bewarez" is my brothers's account by the way :D
2006, 09, 27 12:31
well little boy is my rabbit's acct and old granny is my grandma's acct if you must know
2006, 09, 27 14:48
no i just sent him a msg via icq (his PC is downstairs) and told him what to do. as it takes about 10secs to register and vote: np
2006, 09, 27 19:27
2006, 09, 28 01:50
That's pretty hypocritical, flo
2006, 09, 28 02:56
are we waiting a few days/weeks before starting a new motw competition?
2006, 09, 28 04:51
So did azure pasture win or was this week cancelled? When does next weeks submissions start?
2006, 09, 28 08:29
1) I do not log IPs (yet). Maybe I can do it later, but the difference between grig making smurf accounts and pushing his maps and grig telling his friends (who use other IPs of course) to just blindly vote his map is not that big anyway.
2) Just make whatever you think deservers motw the winner. "Winning" the vote gives you no right to a free newspost and publicity, neither the incredible fame of a MOTW-award.

I hope you manage to decide stuff like that on your own, my interest for SC and mapping is just too low atm to spend much time testing maps or to just read all the threads here...
2006, 09, 30 16:34
:( I hope you gain interest again panschk. Without your interest this site wouldn't exit and the mapping comunity wouldn't be the same.
2006, 10, 01 00:41
hey um, what's happening with this week's motw. Which map is it? Or are we scrapping this one?
I could write one here, but I have no power at
2006, 10, 13 04:29
im waiting on some1 to post winner so i can post at the clear winner is antares' map. Its innovative, nicely executed. Make it motw. Theres nothing wrong with it balance wise.
2006, 10, 13 05:03
ok I took the liberty of posting the motw, here's hoping LGI won't be mad at me :O
2006, 10, 13 07:01
I like the choice. When Im have some extra time I'll read the whole newspost :D
2006, 10, 13 07:52
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