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Few questions
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So I'm trying to make a map for the first time but I have a few questions

-I'm trying to make a path thats only accessable by small units (marines,lings,zeals,... kinda like those that pass through 815 ramps) with high platform in spacetile
The thing is, I cant make a path thats big enough for these units but still too small for siege tanks or other big units...Using index tiles doesnt seem to work :(

-Is there actually a way to reproduce 815 ramps for spaceramps in the same way? Or should I fuck up the ramp by changing some tiles on it or something... I've seen the latter being done in some micromap, but I'd like to have it 815 style for normal space ramps and elevated catwalk ramps

Here is an example for the first question of what I'm trying to accomplish... I think its even harded to do it in a horizontal manner

I hope you guys know how to do this, thanks in advance!
2006, 09, 27 20:50
You already use the right editor :P You'll have to look for tiles that are not entirely walkable, but also not unwalkable. Best would be if there only is a 3-minitiles-wide passage, so at least 1 minitile of the tile must be unwalkable. You can see it all in SCMD2, and I don't know any examples...

Btw, I suggest to stick to "normal" maps for your first ones...
2006, 09, 27 21:15
Naah, the reason I am making this map is because I had an idea in my head and I want to make it real!

No use in making maps that are normal if you're not gonna be happy with em ^^

But thanks for the help, I'll try to look for that tile (and hope it exists lol)

Do you know how to do the ramps thing?
2006, 09, 27 21:56
Yes, with lots of patience ;) Always check the walkable tiles, and experiment around until it works out...
2006, 09, 27 22:14
Fuckin' A!

I found a perfect tile that leaves those nasty big units out, thanks!

Now I just need to know how to make 815-style ramps
Anyone? Please?
2006, 09, 27 22:38
just use the "side" tiles.They are a bit walkable the way they would face to the ramp.if you put them next to each other directly you get a 815 ramp.
2006, 09, 27 23:03
Yup I found that out ^^
Man this is gonna kick some ass.
2006, 09, 28 00:35
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