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I am trying to make a map, however it is oriented in such a fashion, where i need to make ramps that go up, not just down, if it is made going down it makes a bottle neck that makes it unbalanced. i was wondering where i can get a map editor that allows me to place objects that the default editor doesnt support. can someone give me a url?
2006, 11, 10 22:18
Well you can DL SCMDraft, just search google for it. Then you can DL custom ramps from this site by clicking on "Map DB" along the left side. The ramps are all labeled as 0 player maps, and should be at the top. In SCMDraft you can copy/paste terrain, so just open the custom ramp you DLed and copy in into your map. Enjoy!
2006, 11, 10 22:29
we have it on our site
2006, 11, 10 22:42
ive found the editor, however i havent found this website you refer to. there is more than 1 place to download it. i dont find any such downloadables for this editor. could you please send me the url ?? thanks
2006, 11, 10 22:51
Specifically i need this up ramp, and i dont see it in the doodads of this editor, it just allows illegal placement from what i see
2006, 11, 10 22:54
You don't see it because it does not exist as a doodad.
Go into the Map DataBase:
Left column, look for "Map DB". There, look for maps that are called (0)XYZ_ramp. Download these, open them together with your map in SCMD2, and copy-paste the ramps.
2006, 11, 10 23:36
2006, 11, 11 01:40
lol I should hope finding the editor wasn't hard considering I gave a link
2006, 11, 11 02:28
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