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Tau Cross
Arcadia II
Reverse Temple
Rush Hour 3
Peaks of Baekdu

Pick three
You can only vote if you have an account so make one gogogogo
2007, 03, 14 19:57
I voted Tau, revlt, and other
2007, 03, 14 22:34
Tau Cross - Macro/Azalea
Peaks of Baekdu - Micro/Paranoid
Rush Hour 3 - I think 3 player maps more interesting then 4 player maps for 1v1 to be honest. but this one is just a personal choice

for a gaia-esque maybe Arcadia...I have no idea.
2007, 03, 15 00:26
voted for arcadia, rh3, pob
2007, 03, 15 00:27
god old peaks is so fucking bad...
I hate arcadia, rh3 is a great map but it's overused imo.
2007, 03, 15 07:42
oops, this is old peaks?
2007, 03, 15 07:44
yeah >< I'd have voted for new peaks...
2007, 03, 15 07:45
suxx :/

also, i wanted to post a comment why to lower the initial minerals in c&c... i wrote a whole paragraph (in english) why it should be lowered AND THEN A FUKCING TEXTBOX APPEARED THAT SAID: ONLY ENGLISH ALLOWED and deleted my entire text. gwah.

is my english really so bad? :(
2007, 03, 15 07:53
LOL wtf, I've never noticed any issues in your english ><
2007, 03, 15 20:41
"Also, I wanted to post a comment about lowering the initial minerals in c&c... I wrote a whole paragraph (in english) about why it should be lowered, AND THEN A FUCKING TEXTBOX APPEARED THAT SAID: "ONLY ENGLISH ALLOWED", and deleted my entire text. Gwah.

Is my english really this bad? :("
modified by LaO-Artanis
2007, 03, 16 01:32
lol artanis

btw your passage could be gramitically still improved =/
2007, 03, 16 01:41
"Lol Artanis.

Btw, your passage could still be improved, grammatically =/."
modified by LaO-Artanis
2007, 03, 16 01:53
lol no need to capitalize the first letters in an acronym. And my word order was fine -_- woops on spelling mistake :( and I don't use punctuation after smileys, it's ugly =/

and "lol artanis" isn't a sentence and ergo needs not a period subsequent -.-
2007, 03, 16 02:46
"I'm whining when it's obviously a joke so even though it doesn't matter how it's spelled I should tell him it's wrong =/. Lightening up seems like a bad idea too."

modified by LaO-Artanis
2007, 03, 16 10:09
pff. you are truly a Nazi.
+ i wrote the F-word intentionally wrong.
2007, 03, 16 11:18
I wonder what a goddamn weird view of Nazis you have... Don't want to defend them, but Nazism is not about the stuff you associate it with Oo
2007, 03, 16 15:16
spinesheath, it's an expression used on teh intarwebz. Grammar nazi just means you want to correct any grammar mistakes, and so.
2007, 03, 16 16:12
So? I don't appreciate such use of this word...
2007, 03, 16 16:52
It's an official phrase ( ), so get over it.
modified by LaO-Artanis
2007, 03, 16 20:10
lol talk about lightening up, words mean different things and definitions evolve are created differently as time goes on.

My dictionary defines nazi as: "An offensive term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity, practice, etc"
in addition to the officer of hitler's regime, "A German member of Adolf Hitler's political party".
2007, 03, 16 20:24
tau cross
2007, 03, 17 18:51
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