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My favorite is Monty Hall - the twilight map.
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 03, 23 15:20
I think Geometry is the most awesome ^^
2007, 03, 23 17:53
Monty hall seems to be the best (new strategies possible)
i dont really like the other 2 maps
2007, 03, 23 18:13
lol those maps are terrible, balance is not part of them nor is gameplay considered.
2007, 03, 24 02:43
i like them, especially nemesis
2007, 03, 24 03:42
no neutral building in korean maps? :S

geometry looks ugly, and even if it is micro-oriented which is good, it is terribly plain in my opinion.

the other two are better, monty hall is difficult to analyze, there are so many gasexpos on the map, which made me believe that not all of them are 5000, so its not sure that shitty hellmacro map. that 3-way battlefield can provide interesting things mixed with the high economy actually, but maybe worse.

nemesis is very classic style, many hated it, but i think its the best of these, gameplay could be completely different at separate matches. the 4 islands are the key-points of the map, maybe we could see again the almost forgotten dropping warfare, maybe it will play more of an air map. i dont know, i am very excited about this one.
2007, 03, 24 11:10
Haven't I seen some maps on BWMN that were almost exactly the same as Monty Hall? There was one on desert, I think...

Geometry is... pretty much like how-was-that-annoying-jungle-map-with-one-million-ramps-called. Just extended for 4 players and stripped off every special stuff.

Nemesis might be interesting. Even though the layout is goddamn boring, it has 4 islands but a wide open center. But I guess zerg could be in trouble agaist terran. Might offer similar aspects as 815...
modified by spinesheath
2007, 03, 24 14:15
thats what I was thinking. It will play like 815 except a wide open center so zerg has a better chance for sure not to mention gas expo for once.

and theres no annoying small ramp:)

only MU i think can easily be a problem is TvP
If toss decides to air expand instead of trying to take another main, what the hell does terran do? no way hes gonna get another main unless toss is completely clueless and lets him move a huge army up the ramp.
2007, 03, 24 15:30
Well, in tvz, as terran I would try to avoid the whole middle and work myself to the z's base, grabbing the islands. Cross position is different, though. There is enough gas for dropships and vessels en masse, so...
As z, you would have to try your luck with massive lurk/ling/hydra drops or tech up to defilers/guards (well, guards won't work for long). I doubt you would manage to stop the terran from advancing to the next island, especially on 12/6. Also, without swarm you will have to be lucky to get up the terrans ramp...
2007, 03, 24 17:01
Monty hall looks good, there are 14 gass geysers, but maybe are not 5000 in all. maybe 2500 and the mineral paths could befrom 8 to 250 :P

nemesis is a lot like jungle of dalhia, nat in the back and choke with ramp.
looks like forte+blade storm with the dahlia structure. it can be used as an island map (if turtle)

muta harass will be very powerful and easy in Monty hall.
2007, 03, 25 08:58
There is a great difference between Dahlia of Jungle and Nemesis. Dahlia has a minonly in the back, and it is by far more vulnerable than this one. Also, in neither of the maps you compared it to are islands, Nemesis has 4 of them. Dahlia also is one of the tightest maps around, this one certainly not.
2007, 03, 25 11:58
lol so I played geometry zvp, eh it's weird =/ Flanking is really easy, and attacking the nat is actually fairly hard. I wish there were more expos though, I think that alone will make it hard for zerg =/
2007, 03, 25 16:22
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