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Concept w/ pic included. Need help!
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Hey everyone, I've got a concept but i don't know how to optimize usage of Starcraft map editor which means making the map would take FOREVER.
Are there any map makers who might be interested in picking up where I left off? I'm pretty sure that if I attempted to make it, it wouldn't turn out to as good as it could be, but I'd like to contribute in one way or another.

All I ask is to be credited for the concept and the rest of the credit (majority of it) will be the map maker's. Many variations could be used to make the concept come to life and of course more than one map maker can attempt to make something out of this.

modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 01 01:31
hmm well I can see possible issues with flanking with the concept, since the highground is so narrow.
Also balance issues possibly with the nat not defending the main, and with no expos in the middle, making it useless; along with a lack of expos to hide in, looks like a very anti z map.
2007, 04, 01 06:27
Thanks for the pointers! I'll make a bunch of revisions, but one question. If it was 2v2 on the map, are the main bases and 3 expansions each player gets not enough exps? (i'm trying to figure out how to make the 4 EXP's reachable by land)
2007, 04, 01 08:10
I'm a terrible 2v2 player so don't ask me about that^^
2007, 04, 01 08:16
it has alot of potential. we'd have to see how u execute it before further comments.
2007, 04, 01 08:22
insignificant post edited out.
modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 01 23:04
you could try to upload it as a map so gcms is possible
2007, 04, 02 00:55
I can try that but I'm a noob with scmdraft (first-time user: don't know how to use it well) so i was originally going to see if anyone wanted to use the concept to make the map. It'll take me a very very VERY long time to use scmdraft to make something that won't really resemble that picture well lol.
modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 02 01:25
I do it.... :)
2007, 04, 02 20:30
Im making the map but im leaving the natural away and making those min-onlies with gas :-)
2007, 04, 02 20:36
no, i mean you could upload a fake map with this picture
2007, 04, 02 22:00
sweet, i'm excited to see it whenever it's ready for viewing! I just hope with what you're doing, it doesn't make the bases look too similar to arcadia. :)
2007, 04, 03 02:28
well the concept seems too encouraging to turtling, and adding neutrals to block entrances would make the map really boring and nothing new.

I think if you remove one of the mineral onlys, you can place the nat on one side which would remove any pathing issues (units walking into your cc/miners as they leave the main). To further discourage turlting, you could use spells or something on part of it (maybe use swarms like in (4)The Last Conflict or something).

The temple in the middle is dumb imo, everyone is doing that all of a sudden -_-
2007, 04, 03 03:05
With a chokeable gas nat and plenty of space to flank in the middle I don't think the map is anti-zerg. I do agree however that the center may not see much action and all those resources in the main plus nat mat encourage turtling. One possibility is to reduce the amount of gas in the main plus nat like I did in my map Concentric to force the player to battle for the outside expos.

Hey, how did you introduce a picture into your post here? I tried to do that with "copy and paste" from a microsoft word document and it didn't work.
2007, 04, 03 03:29
I made the map now.... (4)Get real, it's fast made, no deco etc rly... It has no password so any1 can edit it... (I hope some1 will)... It's not my best work, but just wanted to make alumni happy :).
2007, 04, 03 20:09
lancet, he just uploaded the picture to photobucket and then < img src = " pic link " > only without spaces and with the actual link =/
2007, 04, 03 20:59
Thanks RaDiX :)

I made another version of the map called (4)Cao Tsa

I tried to make it look as much as possible like the picture I put on this thread earlier, but with the suggestions of eliminating the 2 min onlys and just doing nat and 1 min only expansion. then the 4 near the middle to fight for.

(4)Cao Tsah

modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 04 10:04
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