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I got sick of mapdori's shittiest maps going into super fight, so on and I advertised some bwm maps. The tl one got some replies, and the gg one faded off the top thread list almost instantly.
I showed Space Lotus, Sleeping Sun Final, Aegis, Lexington, and Golden Sunrise 1.5.
2007, 04, 13 22:59
teamliquid users seem to be much more open minded about map topics than users imo
such threads disappear always extremely fast at :/
2007, 04, 14 01:29
Yeah, nobody at has anything to say about 'em.
2007, 04, 14 01:33
Replied. I'm going to get flamed like crazy.

And damn LostTampon, Chop Suey is hot!
2007, 04, 14 02:19
hahaha way to go epidiOn ;) all hell broke loose in tl lol

I liked your comment Alumni on gg :)
2007, 04, 14 03:15
Meh, I didn't get as much of a response as I was hoping.
2007, 04, 14 07:22
thanks :) i also posted on just now but on the Shinhan Proleague Maps thread.
modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 14 21:11
we having a tourney soon or what? with all the attention from and stuff going on its about time we play some games... I WANNA PLAY THAT JERICHO THINGY!!! :D
2007, 04, 15 15:05
Chop Suey is gosu!
2007, 04, 15 22:24
hi (my previous account was PePe QuiCoSE - as in TL- but forgot the password so i made a new one)

I think that advertising the maps here is a really good idea, their are really cool maps here. But IMO the best way to make them seen is to be able to get them into some tourney or ladder (ladder better). Just like MOTS was for PGT.
I think there was already something like that in gosugamers in tourneys. If you could make a map into the abyss ladder mappack or the upcoming TL ladder, it would not only be awesome, but probably bring more attention to maps already made here.
2007, 04, 16 19:23
how could we talk to abyss people?
2007, 04, 17 06:35
by taking the initiative and going to the site ---> pming an admin(s)
2007, 04, 17 07:01
yeah, something like that!
i don't know the guys there, but i skim the forums and it seems they were really attentive to constructive feedback.

Also, have you guys read this?

teamliquid new ladder, i bet it would kick ass... definetly worth a chance trying to get some maps there!

oh, and btw, i think it is better that some mapmaker and representative member of this site does it, not a random forum lurker :)
2007, 04, 17 19:40
I vote for Nasty or myself to approach people as a unified community from BWM. I know I'm not the most active though, so Nasty would be a better choice.
2007, 04, 17 22:53
preferably some one that doesnt have a bad rep on TL as well
2007, 04, 17 23:03
Yeah, I think Nasty has the best reputation. I've been arguing a lot with admins lately.
2007, 04, 18 01:56
lol Nasty also has the reputation of being a and wgt admin.

Although personally I feel edipiOn would be the better and possibly more persuasive choice.
2007, 04, 18 04:11
ugh... thanks max.. putting me on the fucking spot :P
2007, 04, 18 05:26
Well I'm a admin :P. But I'm actually really close to Qi.Tiger who is running it, so I'll mention it.

EDIT: I'll talk to Tiger and Mani, so nobody else talk to people at TL. We don't want to have six people asking them the same question.
modified by epidiOn
2007, 04, 18 06:34
yea that will make us look really desperate. Not trying to do that.

besides, i have mentioned bwmn enough times for them to ban me :P even tho its only been a few times
2007, 04, 18 06:38
2007, 04, 18 07:26
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