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Mapdori: linking bwm to it?
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I figured out how to upload maps on mapdori. I will upload others' maps if you so desire, if I feel the map is good enough for us to show off on bwm. It does take some time, if you want this then please write up a full description of your map so I don't have to. Authors will of course be cited and shown.

Also, could someone who speaks korean here help me with the comments? I don't know any korean at all, and I'd like to know what they say lol.
modified by spinesheath
2007, 04, 19 03:32
"Well! the minute when it comes from the broodwarmaps which is a minute foreigner whom it raises.."

- comment on your map from UNSAID

i dont understand what that means :/
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 04, 19 03:57
lol I sorta do.

btw thanks again, trcc, even if you're not here to hear it :)
2007, 04, 19 04:22
So what do you think it means?
2007, 04, 19 17:26
how can you access the single mapthreads here:

2007, 04, 19 17:48
flo i think we gotta sign up to be 'members' first to be able to see anything... but it's all in korean so how? if we start submitting our good maps to mapdori, they have a bigger chance to get selected for korean leagues/tournies since they pick maps from there. :o
2007, 04, 19 18:33
I use trcc's name, trcc//bwm is his name//password. He meant for anyone to use his name at bwm, feel free to check the maps out. The thing at the top then the thing furthest to the left from the menu from the thing on the right is called usermaps2 at the bottom, that's the maplist, there is also usermap1, you can find that from a link at top right.
2007, 04, 19 21:24
your map got a good amount of attention joel. they love it! :P
2007, 04, 19 22:39
lol I noticed, can you babel fish some of it?^^

lol I thought flo had uploaded his map, then I saw that some korean mapper had uploaded a map caled Illusion 1.1. Yours is much better...

btw nasty you got some good attention too, babelfish that too I wanna see :)
modified by Nightmarjoo
2007, 04, 19 22:42
lol guys.

i'll try to navigate and upload a map too when i feel that one of my creations are worthy enough ^^ or if any of you guys suggest one of the maps i've made... i have one i haven't uploaded yet and i just drew the layout for another one which looks nice but might not work out as a map though.
modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 20 00:48
one said something about foriegners.. the other said something about the minerals in the middle not being large enough quantity wise. And good old salazar commented too :D
2007, 04, 20 00:56
nono translate the korean comments, I can't do it without korean font :( I want to see your korean comments and my own -.- babelfish ftw! lol it sucks so bad :D
2007, 04, 20 10:23
yea but they translate in like riddles :0
2007, 04, 20 17:27
which I see as challenge :S
2007, 04, 20 17:56
lol exactly :)
2007, 04, 20 21:35
Shouldn't BWMN upload some godlike maps and prove how much better it is than 90% of the mappers on mapdori?

2007, 04, 30 15:15
Yeah, what map(s) do you suggest?
2007, 04, 30 21:13
Considering some of the garbage that gets into the "Shinhan ProLeague"

Anything. xD
2007, 05, 01 04:06
Yeah, what map(s) do you suggest?

All of mine, obviously.
2007, 05, 01 04:07
i agree with falcon_a lol

but mapdori ain't the only mappers who are getting maps into the leagues (pro and star). intothemap has some that made it too.
2007, 05, 01 04:08
intothemap is a fucking confusing site for me, nasty figured it out a little but I am totally lost ><


What I could do is completely spam them with all our Maps of the Week. Unfortunately, we don't have all our MOTWs. LGI had atleast 3 MOTWs. I think Osom was motw, and it's here. Was Darina's something MOTW?
2007, 05, 01 22:29
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