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Map Removal Thread
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This thread is created to post comments about maps wich should NOT be on this site. Including moneymaps (i guess), and maps below standard. I don't wanna go and play god with the delete buttons so lets discuss the maps future in this thread first.

First map to slaughter: "mon"
Reasons: * The map really is unbalanced
* Its not aestetically looking either :P
* The map is wrongly named
* The map doesnt seem to contribute with ground breaking gameplay either.

Post feedback.
2005, 06, 28 13:05
2005, 06, 28 13:08
meaning what? :P that we are 2 thinking the same thing? :o
2005, 06, 28 13:14
excatly :)
2005, 06, 28 13:19
it is the only 1 i can think of for now, but it sure as hell isnt very good.
2005, 06, 28 13:27
Mon is removed. I will look into the other ones not named properly and then post the next victim :P
2005, 06, 28 13:42
Should maps wich is wrongly named simply be removed without hesitation? And the subbmitter simply adds it again with the correct names? it would be hella lot easier, and since it is so easy to upload i really isnt a problem either. i vote for that atleast since the only way we can rename a man is to upload a new renamed version. i dont believe that should be our problem :P
2005, 06, 28 13:53
Problem is that the creator might think we removed the map because of its qualities. This is not desirable as we could lose good maps, so we would have to inform the creater some way or another.
2005, 06, 28 15:12
Post a comment where you write you want the map re-uploaded with correct file name. As soon as he does that, the map can be deleted. Or even better if the user edits his map he can just rename it, no need to have a new ID at all.
2005, 06, 28 16:13
I have now cleaned up the list so that all maps are named correctly. i still fell strongly that beta maps should be separated from the rest since they often lack the quality. Prime example for now:

(2)Ice massiw(4 comments, 0 replays) by PapuQ

(Is this map even named right?)
Im not going to remove it since it is user-beta.

My suggestion is to separate betamaps until they are done, and when they are, name them and add to the main list. If they are called user-final before it is approved, we remove it. After they are user final they can still be edited to the better if the gameplay isnt totally altered, then we try the map again. As for now my idea depends on that everyone accepts it and dont messes around. Perhaps there are technical sollutions later on.
2005, 06, 28 21:48
above post is mine :P
2005, 06, 28 21:55
Map to remove: (4)Tar Wars
I have made some changes making map more balanced and map had been added before the password was set for new maps. And I would like to update this map.
2005, 06, 29 12:47
Where did we say Tar Wars was to be removed? Cant see it in this thread anyways o_o?
2005, 06, 29 13:57
I say to remove this map :P
2005, 06, 29 13:59
Oh you mean remove the original version of it? :o I'll make it happen as soon as i got the authorization to do so :P
2005, 06, 29 14:13
I'll be glad, if You do it
2005, 06, 29 14:15
I deleted the map.

You can re-upload it now, and this time you can set a password;)
2005, 06, 29 16:05
Removal of map
#74 Evolution Turnaround something
Reason: Broken link. not even a picture to see how the map looks like

better to remove it so people wont be anoyed trying to DL. If someone sees its not here then they mabye add it if they got, but now they think it is here.
2005, 06, 29 22:44
2005, 06, 30 10:14
i already deleted it.

You can do that too, btw. You have the password for adminzone.
2005, 06, 30 11:36
I dont wanna delete stuff without checking first :P mabye someone else has another opinion that could convinve me otherwise, and you actually commented differently on the map.
2005, 06, 30 12:56
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