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I'm "relatively new" here so i duno.... but i think we should make a BWN channel on all servers of bnet? yeah? it would show people how not so great the proleague maps are.... and testing would be funner??? unless there is alrdy a BWN channel
2007, 05, 11 09:47
btw im us west... ne1 else is mainly USWEST?
2007, 05, 11 09:48
bwMn, not bwN.

Anyways, for anything that has to do with this page, op bwmn is used.
2007, 05, 11 14:16
yea.. i can run a 'bot' but it wont be a true one as it will be a WC3 cd key. and plus i dont know how to make scripts :/
2007, 05, 11 17:12
a bot who stays in the channel would be cool, though. it could have MOTM and link to bwmn in its profile, and we finally would have a channel we can tell ppl if they ask
2007, 05, 11 17:18
Recently I've been playing west, I used to play east, I only go to europe to play with bwm maps lol.

If I'm not running a bot for my next team I have a sc orig key that I can use, if stealth is working by then.
2007, 05, 11 21:22
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