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patch 1.15
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yes, it's here! I don't talk about the patch, but what's im gonna talk a bit, and hope you'll discuss is the custom league thingy.

Can u see what a great opportunity the custom leagut thing is? Hopefully will bring their effort to some of the leagues, by making maps. Me and my team will propably be making a custom league, where will be used my maps :). I'm really happy if it succeedes.


ps: wgt is up again and it rox!
2007, 05, 15 21:47
my thread about the patch came first and is in a better location (off topic).
2007, 05, 15 21:54
are you brain-dead? the patch discussion into off topic ?

cant you understand this is a blizzard game and they cant afford to have a game vulnerable for hacks? many have complained about the possibility to hacks over pp.and actual what is more important sc or third progs like pp?

i fear their are things you never understand

2007, 05, 15 22:17
how can you defend the patch, as the changes werent decided by a large democratic vote? those adminpublishers didnt even make a vote and ignored all people! this is like nordkorea! Grief, stand up and fight!
2007, 05, 15 22:19
you have missed the essential point.this game is not property,nor developed by those people that complain vs this patch.

itS much more like my map wich i dont wanna change;because some believe it's necessary.and because it's my own,i can do whatever i consider it's the best.

learn to understand that no one would damage willfully and groundless his own creation.

my point in this fall is;no one needs at all costs this rubbish,so long sc would work better&safer.

btw,all 1.14 reps work with the new long you havent save them with pp -_-
modified by Grief_Stricken
2007, 05, 15 23:12
Well, Grief, it seems as if you didn't understand Flo... (roflol)

RaDiX, do you really think you could manage to get up a custom league? You will need a capable website (quite some bandwidth + storage) and some decent web coders, as well as quite some active admins.

It would be great to come up with a BWMN league, though. Mappacks changing every month or two, BWMN of course.
2007, 05, 15 23:35
"learn to understand that no one would damage willfully and groundless his own creation."

this site IS our creation. we, the longtime skilled oldschool premium admin members started this page together with panschk, and we formed it to our wishes. now, that this jewel of mapping site has developed such a high niveau and quality of maps and mappers, we would never groundless damage it by letting stupid naiv and aloof people like you touch it, nor would we willfully damage the quality of this page by accepting foreign newbie votes due to a fully democratic system so stupid maps like GP or endorphine could win.

besides, whereever you live: in elections, do you count votes coming from foreign people from foreign countries? because i'd like to choose your government and decide which laws and rights you have in your countrry. AND DONT YOU DARE deny my votes on your policy, just because i am from a foreign country and only visiting yours for voting your president. that wouldnt be democracy, but hitler and northkorea!
2007, 05, 16 00:46
umm wtf
2007, 05, 16 03:11
so is a bwmn league going to happen?
2007, 05, 16 03:46
that sounds great actually. we could change the season every month to fit the motm canidates. of course the first week we'd decide which maps to use. Maybe 5 maps?? then at the end of the month we watch reps and decide which has the best gameplay.
2007, 05, 16 04:58
and now that wgt is up, nazca will finally get alot more attention. it wont just be Clan wars and Nation wars anymore picking regular maps. Players will want to use it for more points (unless wgt isnt doing a pgt style motw w.e.) so im very happy that 1.15 is here and wgt is up.
2007, 05, 16 05:08
Don't forget the possibility of a map statistics page like pgt had it.

@ hmichaelkim: I don't have permission to access this page... So what do you want to tell us with this url?

@ flo: It is very probable that Grief is either German or from any other German-speaking country or at least has German as his mother tongue. I can't remember him verifying it, but haven't you noticed his very typical German-English, as well as the "Rohrkrepierer" he once mentioned?
So I guess you CAN decide on his government ;)
2007, 05, 16 10:56
that would spoil my image of argumentation :<

then let's just imagine he'd come from somewhere else.
2007, 05, 16 11:57
2007, 05, 16 12:30
i know a webmaster who could do it for 90% sure...
2007, 05, 16 14:09
Well, if you can do it I congratulate you. I just warn you that it probably is not a small thing.
2007, 05, 16 15:28
I would love to see a BWMN league, definately. :)
2007, 05, 16 15:36
well i was thinking a ladder for our team only ;S.. But bwmn league would be great!! i could be one of the admins yeah... panschk could code the league? Yes/no?
2007, 05, 16 17:22
If you consider how active he is here: No. But maybe he becomes active all of a sudden ;) Even then it might still be quite a challenge, and doing all the coding alone probably would be a lot of work.
2007, 05, 16 20:33
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