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this premium-allowed-to-vote-members-list-thing
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yeah, some requested a change of voting procedures and a list of all "trusted" members. why should we bother panschk with this, as we can probably manage this ourselves?
just let's make an article which is nothing but a list of those trusted members. all the oldschool people like nasty, nightmarjoo, maximumdan/bogmonster, lnept, LGI, deathlink etc (random selection) will be in it. also, newer members who should obviously be part of it like desade, radix, ptar, testbug, losttampon etc will be there for sure. that is all certain stuff, but now to the question of how we decide who may also vote? whenever a "new, not (yet) trusted" person votes, we'll decide in a forumthread or the article comments itself if he or she deserves the right to vote (through activity, uploaded reps, skill as mapper or player, efforts for the site etc).

here comes the most important part...
i am sure this wont become a mess since it is really obvious in most cases. when there is insecurity wether or not, we can then decide on the base if his votes are totally off the good or not. if he is voting some quality maps anyway, well, then he cant be that bad for the site's contests. please note here that even inactive people like summersky still have a sensible taste and knowledge to judge maps, so that's also a fix trusted one.

when we've got this article, we have a list of what votes count and what dont. if there is some new guy, the vote is not taken into account until his name is on the list. there we have a strict rule and order which we can use and show to everyone who demands clarity of the voting procedure. the clue about this "strict rule" is that we can do this without real effort, while we have still the scepter in our hands (!) to prevent voting abuse like Grig's company, and we can always keep control of the contest winners' quality. we neither will create a rule for how to become trusted (like 3 admin agreement or such) because this will only help abusers in the end. so if we keep this all clean and free, we can prevent power abuse (which is claimed from time to time, esp. recently) through the fact that it is given what votes count and what not, and we can still keep a good output of quality maps in our contests without screwing a reasonable voting process.

so i think we should give it a try, do you have any suggestions before i create this article?
2007, 05, 20 20:33
Nah just go for it, we can work out specifics later.
2007, 05, 20 21:01
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