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Gas Position
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Seems like it's ok to sacrifice balance for symmetry. I read the article about where to place gas in relation to start position, but maps that go against this still get good reviews. Is this all that important?
2005, 08, 23 22:53
I dont think gas pos matters so much to balance, its just something extra you can do if the map allows you do balance it.
2005, 08, 23 22:59
According to the article, if it is at the bottom or right position then you need 4 workers to maximize collection...maybe not enough difference to worry about then.
2005, 08, 23 23:06
Well IMO it is a big deal. Especially if you don't know this fact and just get less gas. Imo it is a minus if a map has not 3-gas (gas where you only need 3 workers) on every position. Imo, it is only an important factor for mainbases, you will almost never manage to balance it for expos too. Of course it is not the only factor, if a great map just can't be made fair with gas for some reason, we have to accept it, even though it is an obvious imbalance.
2005, 08, 24 00:08
Cool. I have a simple map going and tried to keep this rule with expos but it brought up other issues. All mains already follow this rule, so I will leave them as is. But I'm going to change expos back to be symmetrical.

It's another LT style map :( but I gotta start somewhere.
2005, 08, 24 00:21
I'd say it only matter in main bases, because the first fight (i.e. mutas) might be uneven then, afterwards it does not really matter, so IF, then change the mains to the "fairer" version.
2005, 08, 24 12:25
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