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SC2 Map Team
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When SC2 gets released, and if panschk is not here to support us, shall we create our own mapteam? Now if panschk is not here, we'll need to move onto another site, but we should keep our members together, and keep truckin along and making crack maps. So if this does happen, what shall our mapping team name should be?

Still keep the name? BWMN Map Team???? Seems wierd for a SC2 map team :P

This will be interesting to discuss as it will need to be discussed sometime in the future.

BTW, speaking of SC2 and map making, has anyone noticed that they havent shown us inverted ramps yet????? :O I hope we dont have to fend for ourselves again to make inverteds :/
2007, 06, 23 19:13
I will come along...even though it will involve me relearning what i JUST learned...but then again, so will evry1 else

For a name I think SCMN would work, as long as we create a seperate db for SC/SC2.

I hope to hell we wont have to get more custom inverteds...I HATE THEM!
2007, 06, 23 20:47
It's 3D. If there are no "inverteds", Blizz fucked up BIG time.
2007, 06, 23 23:44
Just like always...damn drunk druggies in blizzard. Apart from Heimdal, hes cool (old member of, he made StarForge)
2007, 06, 23 23:50
Heimdal is at Blizzard?
2007, 06, 24 19:53
I believe thats what he said...if not him then someone from SEN with a name like Heimdal is
2007, 06, 24 23:27
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