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Request to BG.Power
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We are supposed to play today at 20:00 CET, but since my ally will have a hard time to be here at that time, is it possible for you to reschedule the match?

today at 16:00 CET ?
Tomorrow at any time?
Wednesday at any tim?

2005, 09, 05 11:22
You should try contacting the other team. Is there any replacements in your team or are you just 2 ppl?
2005, 09, 05 14:00
we are just 2, and the other teams has written neither members or Leader - so I cannot contact them.
2005, 09, 05 14:28
ok - any admins please tell me if it is ok that we play our 2v2 match tomorrow instead - cause I dont recieve any feedback in here :/
2005, 09, 05 17:51
It is now 20:00 and there are no users in channel BWMN_1c
2005, 09, 05 19:58
league seems to be very inactive T_T

2005, 09, 05 20:10
an idea:

Make this tourney over, and make sure to arrange that, and posts when, where AND for who this tourney will be.

When it is an open tourney - like this one - many smurfers (like me/pyth) will join it, and lots of them wont take it serious...

My idea is, that you INVITE the top 2v2 teams of europe (america got school, job etc at 20:00 CET)and let them compete at your maps :)

I am very known to the top 2v2 community, and if you want I can help you with the invites - and I will promise you, that if you post at the most used sites, etc, and makes it an invite only tour ALL of us top 2v2 teams will be more than happy to take part of it. All of us enjoy every single chance we gets to show that we are better than the rest :)

It was just some thought.. if you want my help contact me at wgt. I use acc: 33123-afm-

-Dahli over and out.
2005, 09, 05 23:12

I won't do anything more for that shitty community. There were forum posts and newsposts all over the place, ppl decided to not take it serious, I can't take them serious anymore...
2005, 09, 05 23:23
kk... I think it is a shame - I would love a 2v2 tourney made by map-makers !! both for testing maps, and for having a different league, so wait a few days, and reconsider it :) as promised I will help :)
2005, 09, 06 00:00
I have to say, i like the idea of an invite tourney. But i wonder how many teams would play?
2005, 09, 06 01:45
Trust me - I can get almost every top europe/poland to play in ur tourney ;)
2005, 09, 06 02:21
perhaps we should start out small with a league consiting of players frequently using this site only? :P
2005, 09, 06 09:58
Just msg me at when you have decided to make it :) I will help you as promised then.

Already spoke with some of the top teams, and they are more than ready to participate
2005, 09, 06 14:42
Well, it was free for all, and nobody came. Now it should be better with limited number of teams? I don't get it. Plus I don't really like the idea of invite only, for example I want to play in it with my ally, even though we are not a very good team, it is still good practice and can be fun.

The Problem is, many people "show interest" when you ask them, but they don't show up when you really want to start...
2005, 09, 06 15:38
Yes, that's the biggest problem. a better concept would be something like every player has to pay 2 euros to participate, and the winner get all the money. but that is a lot of work to do.

I really want to see a 2on2 League as well, i think about what can be done. i also think that the newsposts reguarding the league as well as the optical aspect were not good enough to keep people show up here every day to read the news and stuff. It's much more fun to load a site, see a banner and a clear post reguarding everything instead of several small newsposts i.e.

What i wanna say is that we should stick to the idea of a 2on2 league and provide everything in a more professional way than it is now. I will create some banners and ideas how our news could be done and how information might be presented on this page as well.
2005, 09, 06 15:47
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