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Ok, i was reaallllly bored, so i decided to make a completly useless map, just to make a big fight scene. But, after teh scene is over,( its 1v1, human vs comp,) the comp wont do anything. we both have starting locations, and both have the required buildings. But it wont gather, move more men into the fight, or anything, it will send around medics, but thats all. is there a trigger or something i need to get so the comp will do what it normally would?, gather, make men, ect...

damn, forgot a title......
modified by axman5055
2008, 08, 06 17:40
You will need a location in the comp's base and run an AI script at that loation for the comp. Expansion Z/P/T Custom AI is what you have in normal melee mode, the easy/medium/hard/insane scripts are from the enslavers campaign.

By the way, bwmn is not intended for UMS maps. You should visit for this.
2008, 08, 06 18:36
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