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SCMDRAFT 2 Trouble
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um... this is probably a really newbish question but im having trouble with a map. i was using scxe for about 6 months, but now i have came to the light and switched to scmdraft 2. My problem though, is that when i make builings (while playing my map in broodwar) with my scv they are created burning and almost dead. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

modified by Halo2sniper
2009, 01, 17 19:40
i have never seen this problem, could you please upload your map to rapidshare or megauploador something? s we can see it?
2009, 01, 18 20:15
The build time you're using is too short.
2009, 01, 19 01:29
you have this problem only in ums or on each melee map you make?
2009, 01, 19 12:11
It definately is because of the building time, as Excalibur said. I am not entirely sure, but I think SCMD2 uses the real building time, while SCXE/Staredit multiply the value you entered with 20 or so.
2009, 01, 19 12:23
Excalibur you were right. I had the build time set to one but i changed it to ten and it works great now. Thanks for the help! :)

2009, 01, 19 16:50
lol in a usm map it was obviously the build time u.u
2009, 01, 29 07:00
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