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Maplantis is back!
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Maplantis is back!

Under the new management of yours truly.

Look forward to seeing you guys there.
2009, 06, 16 20:41
The drama goes on?
2009, 06, 17 15:05
No drama at all, we are simply bringing back what was a better site.
2009, 06, 18 00:07
Oh, don't worry, the drama will come back just like maplantis did :p
2009, 06, 18 13:35
Nice, I'll try to be active there.

Melee map database has about 5 too many versions of Cadence ;)

Observer versions of maps should not be listed as being (8), that's annoying -_-
2009, 06, 18 20:59
The obs bug has to do with the way the map upload system works, and due to our lack of a solid coder, it isn't likely to be fixed anytime soon.

Spine, drama was, is, and always will be created by SEN. Maplantis was made up of SENners tired of the drama who actually produced mods and maps. If you doubt this, go look at the state of SEN now compared to Maplantis before it fell, and you should have your answer.
2009, 06, 19 00:51
You really shouldn't take such posts so seriously.
2009, 06, 19 16:21
Most people live their lives out in the real world, I live it on here. Nothing I haven't said before.
2009, 06, 19 19:52
Well, THIS is real, too. Those pixels on your screen are real, and the data on the servers is made of real magnetic polarisations.
There's no way you can escape the real world.
2009, 06, 20 10:35
I wondered why it went down? What was this drama you speak of?
2009, 06, 23 02:24
It went down because Yoshi couldn't run it any longer. With his permission and help, I raised it back up.

You know if you just visited the site and read the newspost, you would've seen that. :P
modified by Excalibur
2009, 06, 23 10:38
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