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my prediction:

Ofvusbm cvjmejoht xjmm cf pwfsvtfe.

just to have it said
2006, 02, 04 18:16
yea jsut what i was thinking too
2006, 02, 04 18:52
when time is right, I shall reveal the riddle!
2006, 02, 04 19:43
I thought they were overused already?
2006, 02, 05 11:34
ok, SP knows about the cheap chyper methods ;D

well, it wasn't this hard, i even left free space between words :p
i wrote a term paper about this, so i _do_ know 8]

my next prophecy will be made by OneTimePad :D

and SP: I just predict the moodswing of the BWMN-comm.

congratulations btw, had not expected someone would really try to decipher. well done =)
2006, 02, 05 12:13
it took me the incredible timeamount of 3 minutes ;P

first you read it backwards, second you try rearanging the letters to see if they create words, but if there are too many X's and W's, you simply go on to replacing letters with x steps back or forth.

The thing that made it easy was the "be". With only a 2 letter word i could easily find the pattern.
2006, 02, 05 12:19
you actually hit the point: that were the so-called "chyper-mistakes" that are so well known in cryptography =)

it's a special version of the (?) monoalphabetical substitutions, more precise: it's a 25-ceaser-addition
2006, 02, 05 12:46
Ok, so what is it? I'm to tired now to decipher :P
2006, 02, 06 02:42
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