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We are evolving.
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Just compare some of this site's earliest MotWs to some of our more recent ones. Undeniable proof of evolution! :D
2006, 03, 17 07:35
are you trying to say that Space Pirates isnt the best map in the db?? -.-
2006, 03, 17 12:19
jip ^^

not only that, people seem "to get used to" see Custom maps made every week, they think about playing them, epidion does a great job, bill helps also a lot, you guys create great maps, and people seem to like it.

i kinda feel like we're really recognized somehow. Really cool.
modified by Listoric
2006, 03, 17 15:04
We need more than recognition now, we need world domination. We already took over Blizzcon, we're slowly taking control of, and we're also starting to influence PGtour. Now we gotta take over the Koreans. We will battle people like Rose.of.Dream. and Valkyrie and soon all the meleers will idolize us as gods. We will have temples built dedicated to us and everyweek, no everyday, thousands will pile into the temples and instantly get on their knees and start worshipping us.
2006, 03, 17 22:08
I shall make the best map ever.
2006, 03, 17 22:43
Did you guys hear about my new system? Since none of the people play on the maps/upload reps, I put out a challenge.

I gave EVERYONE my MSN, and basically said "challenge me to a bo3 on these maps. if you win, i'll write it up in a newspost just for you".
already pwned one challenger.
2006, 03, 18 04:17
lol -_-

tell them they can play me too ill pwn most of them hopefully unless there like gosu
2006, 03, 18 04:57
I think we should try the mutual dream thing again. making a million good maps isn't what we should be putting our time into
2006, 03, 19 00:01
whats that?
2006, 03, 19 01:39
Actually, think we're doing it "the right way" at the moment. One having an idea and other who sugguest improvements to finish it. While in a project like the Mutual Dream one, nothing started, everyone was like "ok, we could do blabla" some said yes, some said no.

Think it's best as it is now, but you still can try to create a map with someone else. At least _i_ thik it's better that way.
2006, 03, 19 15:06
what is Mutual Dream
2006, 03, 19 17:05
2006, 03, 20 00:29
sounds impossible and confusing. :/

at most 2 people working on one map imo
2006, 03, 20 03:45
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