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hey guys
my movie is now available in the filebase.
it is my first piece and it's subject are the spellcasters in broodwar. that's why it is called "CrucialCasters".

I hope you like it!
Download from

the high gamma (and thus slight grey touch) is caused by my extremly dark monitor. wasn't aware of this, but i can't judge ratio of light and dark. still i hope you enjoy watching it :)
2006, 05, 11 21:16
downloading it right now! i expect greatness! :)
2006, 05, 11 22:12
Looks nice man, pretty awesome!
2006, 05, 11 22:58
Damn, flo if i search some days in my replays archive i can find 2v2 games where i play only whith 1x12 Queens and 1x12 defilers and only lings! But 90% of my games whith zerg are whith a lot of queens in it. Anyway nice movie, but the musicccc.... BLAH :(

But thats just me ;) , i don't like Metal :)
2006, 05, 12 08:43
those tracks rock :)
i lost all my replay-archives back then when i formatted my hard disk drive, so i relaid on replays from,, etc

well LGI, if you're just 100x better than your opponent, it's not worth a movie. a few days ago, i bashed a newb in PvT starting with 2port scouts into expo into carriers and won with it - still not really worth mentioning :>
i was heading for games with great display of skill, while still the casters being the key to win - the crucial casters.

maybe i will make a movie about the coolest scenes of BWMN maps - like the wcg game on king of the abyss that made pp05 :D
so start collecting impressive moves/games/actions/drops/fights that are directly caused by a feature of the map.
modified by flothefreak
2006, 05, 12 15:38
I can get the audio to play, but the video has problems...
2006, 05, 16 00:51
it is standard video codec.
divx iirc
2006, 05, 17 13:58
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