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Inverted Ramps
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What picture in the scmdraft do u use to get the ramps texture to look best?
2006, 05, 18 07:25
you have to select each tile and place it then look at it, if its good keep adding.

after you place some check and open it in staredit you can see textures better

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 05, 18 10:01
hmm ok, but i meant in the tileset indexd menu thing in scmdraft2 editor there is a picture of a ramp and a tons of other stuff now that ramp, it is selectable square by square is it just any tile that i will be using or that ramp? Bcus i haven't really tried making these ramps yet.
2006, 05, 18 16:59
omg just try. it ain't hard figuring this out by yourself.
2006, 05, 18 19:28
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