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im interested in becoming a member and see news etc

is there any good language translator programs i can use to browse thru the site etc?
2006, 06, 20 01:06
right now im using altavista translator and what is "Residence registration number"

i need it in order to become a member
2006, 06, 20 01:09
BWM.N already has a login.

Check the forums for a mapdori thread, I think it's something like
name: BWMnet
pass: mapper

or something to that effect.
2006, 06, 20 07:07

i made one

username: bwmnet
password: mappers"

2006, 06, 20 07:19
okay i got a question.. i was going thru the firefox website and there is a plug in/extension so u can see any website in the desired language u want... the thing is, i tried downloading it (cause i use firefox, naturally) but its saying i dont have the correct version of firefox... perhaps the current version i have is 'over'dated for the application but idk .. just trying to see if any of you know what im talkin about. :/
2006, 06, 20 07:50
The plugin probably isn't updated for ff 1.5
2006, 06, 20 19:59
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