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Will fry ever upload a map? Fry's been here for a while commenting on maps, giving a nice perspective, certainly a different angle. I want to see a map made by Fry. I've seen him post a few positive comments, but I wanna know what Fry thinks a good map is oO
2006, 08, 26 12:42
`to comment a map u dont need to make good maps yourself its more important to have some knowledge of the game. Thats the Basic to make a good map (if u enjoy making them)
2006, 08, 26 17:30
lol yeah but perhaps his maps can inspire someone else oO
2006, 08, 27 01:07
Even if those questions aren't really adressed on me,I will try to satisfy Nightmarjoo's curiosity/pedantry.

I planed for the future to upload some of my works
but I need enough time to realize them well so please have patience.I think nobody in the community need a unfinished or worse,a crap-work.For such barrel burst are more than enough deliver-boys.

You also wanna know what(the hell)is for me a good map.Well to keep it short I will give you some examples:Regnum Noctis,Prelude of the Light,Legacy of Lee.
2006, 09, 01 03:06
I look forward to seeing your maps.
Those are good maps; I'm surprised you like lee though, it's not far from being a symetrical lt
2006, 09, 01 03:58
Come on!!!

Legacy of Lee is much better.The space in the middle is not so big like in LT.Also you can't defend your nats so easy.
2006, 09, 01 04:32
but regnum noctis was a zerg paradise :P
2006, 09, 02 22:19
I see your point.

But just because the map(RN)has 2 entrances on evry nat doesn't means this is a zerg paradise.No way!!If the map has 2 entrances on each main well, so...

A zerg paradise means(for me)that beside the zerg no other race have a chance;well this is not my opinion after many games on her.

I play very often this map with all races and also never find any substantial imbas.
modified by Fry
2006, 09, 09 05:03
yeah regnum noctis is halfly nostalgia, perhaps a bit more balanced, with that more open choke (not bridges)
2006, 09, 09 13:00
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