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SC 3d!!!
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Hope Bliz doesnt shut it down. :)
It uses WC3 engine nad is said to be released sometime in 2007
2006, 09, 05 00:42
Uhhhmmm... You're pretty late with that...
They have been working for more than a year on this now, if not more than 2 years. There have been multiple posts about it on SCL, PGT and whatsoever...

And it does not seem like Blizz would shut it down...
2006, 09, 05 13:34
yeah this is quite old... im looking foward to it tho XD
2006, 09, 06 00:30
I am afraid of SC2... It won't do any good.
2006, 09, 06 20:14
Yeah, who needs a new sc when the original (I mean bw, vanilla doesn't count XD) still pwns. I don't know if you guys have looked at the wc3 map editor, it looks complicated, staredit (and scmdraft and whatnot) is far better for making *balanced* maps. <3 Starcraft
2006, 09, 06 23:49
i agree but its very fun making maps WC 3 .. so many different things can be added in :)

but unnecessary ;)
2006, 09, 07 01:52
I enjoyed mapping in WC3 for awhile, but each map took so much work that I ended up never finishing 1 :/ The triggers were also very confusing

Ya, I knew about this about 3 years ago or so when it was no more than a WC3 map, not a full blown mod. I just recently rediscovered it and was suprised that not only was it still afloat, but it wasnt finished yet!
2006, 09, 10 03:05
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