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Map in Dark Crusade Expansion
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I'm not sure if you are interested, but i won a mapcontest on Dawn of War and now my winning map will (as well as the two other winning maps) be officially included into the next Expansion via patch, which will come roughly one month after game release i guess.

I'm still in a shocked state ^^ But as i'm "officially the best Dawn of War mapper" as baneboss wrote in the last PM asking me to create maps for his Dawn of War Mod, it was a sure thing to happen :P


Just to let you know about what i'm doing ;)

As an aditional info, there is no autodwonload in Dawn of War, which means that it's very hard to have custom maps played at all, now they are included into the game O_o quite cool
modified by Listoric
2006, 09, 30 02:08
Prollo XD
2006, 09, 30 02:20

I envy you ;O
2006, 09, 30 16:40
great stuff, i think u mentioned that to me awhile back.. gw.

ill take alook at the site
2006, 09, 30 22:33
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