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spinesheath's editor
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spinesheath, you can post some info here, if you want :)

@To all. Say your suggestions, just what i am going to do...

I've just screem from the window really laoud, because of electricity issue, who reset my PC, while i was making a map. You know the feel... Espacialy when you you've done something hard.

So i hope you all know what the Office Excel and Word can do now. Even if something goes wrong whit your PC, after the restart there is a backup or something who saves everything you have done. SAVES TIME, WORK and a lot of CRYING! Well can you make the same whit your editor? You can save some map makers from killing themselfs after such shocking moments...
2006, 11, 24 17:25
make the editor have an auto symetry function ;D
2006, 11, 24 19:53
Voice commands too!
2006, 11, 24 20:52
auto balanced function plz
2006, 11, 24 21:19
Starforge, has a function where you can do autosaves every now and then. SCMdraft can do it too, but you have to enable it through the options
2006, 11, 25 02:44
lol auto balance ftw
2006, 11, 25 04:49
or a thing that tells you whether or not the map is playable before you upload it to bwm^^
2006, 11, 25 04:50
"or a thing that tells you whether or not the map is playable before you upload it to bwm^^"

Oh fuck yea that would be so badass...
2006, 11, 25 05:31

Nice thread, but really, it will take a LOOONG time until my editor can be used for terrain. The main intentions originate from UMS mapping. So what I am focusing on for now is string handling, as one of my BlizzSCUMS fellows has a need for it. This is absolutely unnecessary for melee maps.

What melee mappers could use my editor for is stuff like fixing broken upgrades/abilities sections (simple copy/paste and done) and similar stuff.

Terrain-wise, if you need something else than SE, use SCMD2 (newest version).
Didn't SCMD2 have a backup function? If not, go to and post your query in the SMCDraft forum. SuicidalInsanity is working on a final release currently. But check if there really is no backup function, otherwise you'll look stupid ;)

Why I can't offer terrain anytie soon: Terrain is not simple at all. Well, tileset palette only could be done halfway easily, but the ISOM algorithms are only known to Blizzard and SI, who didn't release them as far as I am informed. Getting out these algoritms involves a lot of disassembling and reverse engineering Staredit, which is not easy, really.
2006, 11, 25 21:20
I just love to make my maps in Star Edit :(
2006, 11, 26 11:01
Well, I can't make a backup feature for Staredit :p
Ask some real gozu programmer/hacker, one of such might be able to do it ^^
Or: Aks the makers of SCXE to implement it. Then use SCXE classic which is SE-like enough. I doubt that SCXE will be worked on again, though.
2006, 11, 26 15:19
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