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Searching for team
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My sc team rG just disbanded, idk where to go, and I'm not much of a tagless kinda guy. Any suggestions of teams to look for? Anyone have a team that might be interested in recruiting me? I'm probably D+ zerg, maybe C or C- at very best... but am B- mapper ;)
2007, 06, 11 08:03
lol or anyone up for a bwm team? Like that idea ever got anywhere in the past rofl.
2007, 06, 11 09:21
I think a BWMN Team would be great. But i don't think that we will get a real gosu clan^^. Can't help u, cuz i'm clanless too.
2007, 06, 11 13:08
what's the difference if we had a clan? we wouldnt even play any tourneys or leagues anyway, since IF we play, we wanna play BWMN maps^^
2007, 06, 11 15:44
We could register in the bwcl or wgtour ^^ and yeah, we have to change the mappack.

modified by ptar
2007, 06, 11 15:53
The purpose of the bwm team would mostly be to test maps, to have a concentration of people there to play, to hang out there instead of elsewhere. Could have BWM tag, BWM-Nightmarjoo, BWM-Flothefreak, BWM-NastyMarine etc. If we actually could get some decent players (maybe lnept would join a team as a first?^^) then we could cw other teams, of course we'd insist on including atleast 1 bwm map that we'd vote on here. Actually this sounds pretty gosu if we can get people interested^^

At this point I don't really have an alternative team to pursue, so if I can get a couple 'aye's I'll go try and get my stealthbot working and see if I can get bwmn's password from my friend lol.
2007, 06, 11 19:14
I'm in!!! If we (you) gonna do that. It would be funny i think.
2007, 06, 11 19:57
flo aren't you tagless currently? And I think Nasty is tagless, though he might still be trying to get that one stupid team running^^

C'mon lets get some ayes in here ;)
2007, 06, 11 20:08
Whats with Lost Tampon wasn't he playing in TiQ.? Will be a good choice. Maybe some other guys like testbug? Don't know if he is clanless.
2007, 06, 11 20:11
Im in. BWMN-NastyMarine sounds good. ^^ oh i stopped trying to get that clan going for awhile now. So in a word... Aye
2007, 06, 11 20:25
2007, 06, 11 21:05
Now we've got three:
BWM-SpinosA (my nick)
I would love to see flo and some others joining.
modified by ptar
2007, 06, 11 21:07
yoah why not... i'll stick to my ftf acc and go for BWM then only if needed for tourney/league
2007, 06, 11 21:09
lol spinoza, hello enlightenment/progressive era^^

Nasty used BWMN as tag, that'd be fine too, but I'd then be BWMN-Alexandra as Nightmarjoo wouldn't fit^^
2007, 06, 11 21:09
i'd be BWM-flow or BWMN-flow or such
2007, 06, 11 21:15
Is this an Aye from you flo? :)
PS:I think my nick is cool, use this since i was 9 years old. It's classic. ^^
2007, 06, 11 21:28
op teambwmn I have a wc3 bot running in there with ops now. I have the password for teambwmn for northrend and europe.

Currently only my tagless name, flo's, and Nasty's have access. Let's decide on a tag, either BWM- or BWMN- (unless you guys have a better idea), and get this team running. As soon as we pick a tag; ima make a competition for tag voting; as soon as the tag is picked I'm making a newspost, then spamming; spam your friends and other mapping websites.

I believe the team should only be open for membership to those who are atleast decently active on this website, but anyone can come to hang out/flame/test maps in the channel ;)

2007, 06, 11 21:40
)bwm(-flo is cool

po )bwm(-
2007, 06, 11 21:43
btw, when will be our first clan meeting?
2007, 06, 11 21:46
I think we will meet every day here ^^. Maybe we take the tag -MaP- . I will think of an explanation later on. Maybe you've got some ideas what Map means.
2007, 06, 11 21:54
many average players?
2007, 06, 11 22:10
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