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Cheaters !
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last week I played a little more than usual b-war. after i checked the reps i found out that some bastards have cheated. is it possible to report this human garbage to someone, so they can loose their accounts?

i'm sick and tired when idiots try to steal my short time off

any suggestion in this direction?
2007, 09, 09 19:18
Zerg mineral hack?

Or what other hacks are around since the last patch?

Well, theoretically there should be a way to inform Blizzard, but I dunno how and where.
2007, 09, 09 19:39
Yeah, exactly. They stoped a mutating larva and received 1000 minerals. It was too obvious even in the game after I found their bases. After 2.30 minutes he have 4 hatches and start to rush me with aprox. 20 lings.

But don't care,after 3 minutes on I find a way to report this guys. I recommand everyone to do the same thing.Don't allow scum to pollute the realms.

My only hope for the future(for SC2)is that Blizzard will find a way to prevent such parasitic behavior
2007, 09, 10 06:51
The "simplest" way would be to write proper code. Too bad that such projects seem to be too big for programmers to handle properly.

But hey, was this the first time you were hacked against? I like killing hackers every now and then :)
2007, 09, 10 17:28
Cool, now i can send you a killing list :P
2007, 09, 11 09:39
does anyone have any ideas on how to make triggers to stop them from ruining melee style ums games?

the cheat does not seem to have any effect on deaths of larva, deaths of egg, deaths of drone, etc.

the "score" you see on the scoreboard for resources is what is revealing (their resources are NOT mined so they don't give them "points" on the board), but again, inaccessible by triggers (in-game scores don't include this "minerals mined" point score).

so the only thing i've come up with is to choose arbitrary standards that real players can't match, like having 1000 ore before it's possible (if they wait before they use the hack, they get past this), or having N hatcheries before it's possible by a real player, which in theory could catch most of them if enough such standards were invented and applied, since most of them will probably use their cheat within say, the first 10 minutes of the game, so 5+ standards spread over the first 10 minutes should cover it. but it seems like there should be something more obvious.
2007, 09, 11 14:14
Stuff like checking if one gets too many minerals too fast IS possible, but flawed and hard to pull off. It especially gets problematic when a player cancels several expensive units in production like BCs at once.

You'd probably be best off by checking certain "standards", as you put it.
2007, 09, 11 17:49
The only way I can combat drone hackers is 1) play legit people (not public). 2) ban any zergs who join my games. 3) scout on 6 and see if they have 4 billion hatches going already and quit (draw) before 2 minutes.

good luck
modified by SpoR
2007, 09, 11 23:28
How about simply ignoring them? Flame them a little, if you know that they play in some league, report them with the replay. Then start the next game. Really, you shouldn't be looking on that single loss.
2007, 09, 12 18:36
where it really hurts is phantom games. if you are playing with 7 other people one of them at least is going to try to ruin the game with drop hack or zerg money hack :/ and it's ums, so triggers can at least stop the zerg retards. wish there was a cleaner way.
2007, 09, 12 22:22
when I've played on west, some koreans there hacked, but I never cared. I just played that game. When I won, it was ok;) and when I lost, I just dropped. So they wont get a win, and thats what those newbs hack for. Wins.
2007, 09, 15 00:29
ignoring them?(spinesheat)- you cant be serious.these quasi-criminals?no way!with their sick methods they poison the atmosphere in the realms and destroy honest players the fun.

reporting them is the only right way.whitout ifs and buts!
2007, 09, 15 10:15
Someone here takes some GAME too seriously.

Also you omitted the "h" at the end of my name.
2007, 09, 15 10:55
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