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[mcn]Best way to do version control
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On BWMN it is simply this way: When you want to have a new version of a map, you can either upload it as a "new" map (might be considered spamming if you do it for any "minor" changes), or you overwrite the old version. Something like a 'history' for different versions of the maps might be useful.
1) Pro maps that get a pretty big changes. If you want to have them all, you need them both in your data base. It's like with Pikachu and Raichu.
2) You work as a team on a map and you don't like the last update by X. Would be nice if at least one older version was still there.

Of course it is quite costly in terms of web space, so there would be a need for a limit, can't log every version for a map that gets 20+ updates.

There are different ways to do it, I consider something like this:

A "map thread" always is about the newest version, but there is a link somewhere to the "history", where you could find a small preview-pic and the map to download for some older versions of the map, along with optional comments on the change from version 1.x to 1.y (That would have to be entered when you upload a new version)

What do you think would be a useful limit for logged updates on a map and how should the system decide which updates to delete when you pass the limit? Always the newest/oldest updates? Let the user pick in some menu which updates he wants to save?

Any input on that feature would be nice;)
2008, 03, 03 16:42
The deletion of old versions definately should be automatic. It would be too much of a hassle do do it manually for some people.
First uploaded version seems like a safe candidate to me. You could add an option to "protect" certain maps in the history, though, and these would be spared from deletion, of course.

In the history, there should be space to comment on the versions. It might be hard to make out the differences between the versions just from a small pic, and text would certainly make it much faster.
The images could even be put in the text via link to an image host. That way you could forget about storing a mappic, which usually is the largest file anyways. Well, depends on the size of SC2 maps.

10 maps in the history (+ obs, hope we don't need special obs maps in SC2) should be enough.
2008, 03, 03 19:51
10 history maps? Can your bandwith or w/e take that? Odds are, sc2 map files will be larger than scm and scx files =/
2008, 03, 04 16:47
bandwidth is no problem, as the traffic I can use is unlimited now.
Web space might be though. 10 GB is the limit I probably will have to work with.

Having 10 almost identical versions of one map really would not add much to the mapping experience and is not worth the effort. On the other hand, it would be quite cool to see the evolution of a map over time, from some ugly sketch to a masterpiece.

Well, we don't need to decide on this just yet, I'll probably change my opinion a dozen times anyway;)
2008, 03, 04 16:53
Make sure Admins and the one who created the map can clear the history easily^^
We might sort out bad maps more strictly as well, and maybe you can get a bit of money from a google ad or something ;) Some large BW pages might also be willing to share part of their certainly larger webspace if mcn gets a well known SC2 mapping site. Dunno, the internet leaves plenty of possibilities.
2008, 03, 04 17:27
yeah, I don't worry about it that much. I mean in a way, it would be a good sign of success if I ran into webspace problems;)
2008, 03, 05 00:45
"It's like with Pikachu and Raichu."

nerd x)

On topic, i believe there is a discussion about trying to prevent too many versions of a map as it is, like the 500 gamei LT's u need to dl every time u join public games. I think we shouldn't encourage mass entries of the same map, so if u wanna do this - keep the numbers low imo.
2008, 03, 05 12:52

Actually the bullshit with every league or even every clan needing a specific version of a map should be prevented. Maybe MD5-hashes can be used in a way to have an "official" version of a map that can also be authenticated when some leagues need approved maps. No, I have no idea how to actually implement such a thing^^
2008, 03, 05 14:02
Hey, you skipped Pichu!
2008, 03, 05 18:10
In the version I played some years ago, there was only Pikachu and Raichu. Maybe that's only the german names:P
2008, 03, 05 19:04
Noob! Pichu is the (Baby-)Pokemon that evolves into Pikachu. You can't find it anywhere, but it pops out of eggs laid by female Pikachu(s). Get some silver/gold Edition knowledge! ^^

Or at least play some Super Smash Bros Melee - you can choose Pichu there. It's pretty weak, though, with it's only strengths being speed and tinyness. It even hurts itself with thunder attacks!

BAM! I beat you at nerdiness!
2008, 03, 05 21:05
2008, 03, 06 14:25
only hurt itself if storms to itself, but you can jump and leave the storm behind, or storm something from below (or under any obstacle)

Actually the day care man may give you a special pichu leaved by the red hair guy (named ???) with some weird moves. i don't remember but i guess it was SING, you wan even make him lern petal dance or dizzy punch (NYPC)

altrough every HM is transfered to the breed pokemon, your pokemon yellow pikachu with SURF won't breed a pichu with Surf.
you won't be able to have a pikachu with both dizzy punch AND petal dance, but you can make him Learn Surf after teaching dizzy punch OR petal dance, but can't have these 3 moves at the same time.
2008, 03, 31 03:47
Pichu also hurts itself with attcks like smash to the side. Basically everything that has some lightning in it. Peach > all, anyways.

Well, I still remember that ponita with "barrage" (not too sure about the english name, but that should be the one - at least it was a weak 2-5 times attack).
I got that one through trading a mewtwo - meaning that the mewtwo became a ponita... And I didn't intend to cause a bug...
2008, 03, 31 11:08
yeah, peach and marth are inmortal
2008, 04, 02 07:32
Roy and Marth are the two characters I fear the most - they have more range and deal significant damage. They are fast and have a more effective melee counter.

Yet they still are on like place 10 - 15 in the records; with peach and link at #1 and #2 with both ~4100 kills. Peach has more victories, less falls and less self destructs, of course! ^^

Oh yeah, btw, we spammed your thread, panschk.
2008, 04, 02 09:56
Me as Mario > ALL
2008, 05, 12 18:15
rofl I'm gosu with Link (in melee, haven't played brawl). I'll 1v3 you noobs.
2008, 06, 17 05:13
your wack I own all gimme mac address -> you all will get owned
2008, 06, 17 11:07
Bah, I had been owning 1n3 with Peach at the time when didn't even know how to do a basic attack.

Bad thing is, I am terribly out of shape :/
2008, 07, 03 00:40
Sorry guys, the original smash is the way to go...
I could probably pwn you all.
(unfortunatly, my brother can beat me most times...)

Sorry this has nothing to do with original question panschk.
2008, 09, 27 09:57
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