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SP RMC 408 of December 2005 06:08 PM
Posted by:Starparty

So who won?? Actually i think im gonna proclaim flo the winner.. since its the same distances between all bases no matter position in 2v2 he solved the problem the easy way.. of course you dont get the feel of being close to your ally all the time, but still it is the most playable map of these.

You could solve the problems like i did, but it gets very experimental and the question is if it really is necessary to do like that to get the feeling of a teamplayer map.

So the winner this time is Allegiance by fLothefreak, thats two SPRMC in a row for you :o congratulations!


Hm, funny i didn't expect that, since everybody can make a cross map. Like SP's said "The easy way". I tought it's going to be some crazy start positions, but nobody finish this at 100%, at least this map looks like a finish one. Well i said already what i don't like in the map comments. Still it's going to be some crazy blood bath on it, with those 3 entreys :) . Btw i got a solution about making only one entry, and still there will be the same distance between all players and 3 ways to each base. If you want it to hear, just say... I don't want to say more suggestions that won't be done anyway... It's always like this...
Definately a worthy winner! Don't mingle with entrances - it would ruin the concept. Only problem is surviving beyond the 5 min mark =)
FUCK NO!Not again! I thought I will win this time!This is fuckn cheating! ARGH!
Actually scoutwbf executed the criteria best...

Still i think flo is right O_o
Well then I will at least win the damn MOTW 50 with a map I will make tomorrow -_-
If the map is so good, without any suggestions to change something, then you are a real pro map maker :D

Look if the map is good, after we see it and comment it for some updates, testing etc, mayby it will be ready for a MotW, but just make, submit, win? Who do that? :)
I will.You will see.
lol I love Starparty's handdrawn gfx! :P

Also, map looks really unique - the 9 "squares" could each be a base
Your Name
well, the middle one would have slight disadvantages in gas and buildings space ^^
ah, and mapname is misspelled in the news :[
Change it yourself then ;/(

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