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PGTour Season VI Maps24 of December 2005 12:34 AM
Posted by:Starparty

I just stumbeled across the latest PGTour mappack and got myself a good surprise. The mappack for season VI, compiled by Bill307, has both the GGL maps Arena and Emnity -AND- the MotW49 Comet in it. Personally im very happy with Bills choises (naturally since I'm the creator of Arena) and i hope it will turn out as good promotion for this site too. Pay a visit to PGTour to see the entire mappack!

Link to PGTour season VI maps


Very cool! Nice job SP and trcc.

I'm so happy for you :)
and this will push me to play some more pgt^^
btw, emnity is very bad and ugly imo
Why there is no pool this time? Anyway without a pool we got 2 maps out there :D . One from the bwmn album, and one single :D

Woohoo :D
Well if enmity is a fun map i suppose it fullfills its purpose. When i egt a chance i will play that map. I think i owe bill that for adding 2 maps from our community in the pack.
I'm happy for you guys for getting your maps into the map pack, but honestly, I think PGTour is going downhill because the map selection is just getting too large. I agree with the things misty from TLnet was saying, if anyone read that. Toooooo many maps.

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