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ESA.ScHnibL0r vs DkH.GoOdy showmatch[Spoiler]28 of December 2005 01:02 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

The showmatch by the two german star players DkH.GoOdy and ESA.ScHnibL0r has been played today. The maps this time were:

(2)Goddess of Day by Spitfire
(4)Shangri-La by Starparty
(2)Colonization by Panschk
(4)Origo Hills by flothefreak

flothefreak has managed to get the terran player Goody and the zerg player Schnibl0r to play the best of nine match on maps from the BWMN mappack one, and was organising the event. Thanks for that :)
ScoutWBF did the german (almost) live shoutcasting on all games. He started pretty slow, but later got more emotional, and sometimes a bit insulting-_-

Now to the actual action:
The first game on Goddess of day the players had to handle a pretty huge lag, the game was already decided when the observers left. Unfortunatly, someone saved the game once, so the very end of the replay is corrupted. Most of it can be viewed though. Goody did some nice MMF micro to get a fast win in this game.
Schnibl0r managed to win the next two games rather easily, goody choose protoss in the third game on colonization and underestimated the power of lings T_T.

The map for the fourth game had a humilating bug that unfortunatly passed our qualitity control for the mappack: One of the players was assigned in the "observer" group. We were lucky it did not affect the gameplay of this map much, we will update the BWMN mappack tomorrow!
schnibl0r (orange, zerg) used lurker-ling to contain the blue protoss goody and got the 3:1 lead after 16 minutes of fighting.
On Goddess of Day for the secound time, schnibl0r took the 4:1 lead after harassing very well with his zergling(s) in the base of goody, who again played protoss. One zergling even managed to get seven kills, that's cost effective! :) The corsair + dark templer strategy by goody failed to a well timed hydralisks attack with overlord support. 4:1 for Schnib now.

The most entertaining game imo was the sixth, where both players pretty much switched base on Shangri-La. goody, finally playing terran again, bunker rushed and denied the expo of the zerg. While he builds a total of 4(!) bunkers close to his opponent's choke, schnibl0r gets a hidden hatch in the terran base and starts ripping it apart with sunken colonies. Goody can't save his main and counter-attacks with everything he has, which is too much for schnibl0r. GG

In the last game of the series, schnibl0r shows us how to use burrow. His well timed trap put him in front a lot, he finished the series with mutas then:]

Final score:
ScHnibL0r 5:2 GoOdy
The replays are available in the file section or here


nice cool resumee :)

I do know now why goody switched to protoss: the day before the showmatch, he was of the opinion to have a slack period in TvZ in the last few days and kinda thought about going for pvz in teh showmatch. although all his mates tried to convince him not to do so, he went for pvz.
however, still nice games.
goody is noob.he has experience but not more.
bad macro bad micro

gg schnibl0r
this is kinda funny, since a noob can learn micro/macro, but not experience.
Goody really sucked at those games.
the event is a nice idea

but i must say the resulting games aren't really that great :(

better luck next time
We cant really predict how the games will turn out :P we can only set the conditions
thus: better luck next time
Cool maps!!!!!!!!
That was just a rape by ScHnibL0r.

Goody only won by cheese...
Oh, and to bad we didn't get to see the sexiness of Colonization... :P I would love to see a 40+ min plus game on that map...
what was the bug with 4th map btw? what happened?
On origo hills in the observer version, only 3 players were placed in the "player" culumn, and 5 in the "obs" one. So of course this was pretty confusing, one of the observer had a hatch at top right pos ^_^;
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