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Headoff G.I. User Maps Tournament 0101 of January 2006 04:28 PM
Posted by:LGI

So the first Headoff G.I. User Maps Tournament 01 is over. This tourney was played in the Bulgarian Headoff G.I. server. The date was 30.12.2005 20:00 CET. 30 players take part in it. They fight for 50 leva (25 Euro), and the promised showmatch vs Darki. The map pool was:

Round 1: (4)Sattarchasm by Starparty - MotW 48
Round 2: (4)Grapes of Wrath 2.0 by LGI - MotW 50
Round 3: (4)Comet by trcc - MotW 49
Round 4: (2)Star Gates by SpitFire - MotW 51
Round 5 Final: (4)Toxicity v1.1 by flothefreak

After many hard sitations with the players who were missing in the begining, and a late start, the tourney finaly got the 100% registred players. And they were:

01) LGI
02) Me_G_G
03) Korn_
04) Orange_
05) Those_Hands
06) gaf
07) Willkinson
08) Panschk_Pro
10) NOKIA_
11) Me_neverborn
12) kitaeza
13) UKIO
14) TrailBlazer
15) UnBeLiEvEbLe
16) sC4s]StInG
17) ArtOfZerg
18) tofeelthepower
19) TakeMyDance
20) KickBoxerrr
21) virus_protoss
22) Ciklq_Parket
23) Destroyer{GOD}
24) Backdafacup
25) ScoutWBF_Pro
26) BJlagko
27) Toss-Power
28) shits_uf
29) Xs-Nichy[bwd]
30) sC4s]Inri

Because the tourney was in bulgarian server, the players were all Bulgarians, except for ScoutWBF_Pro & Panschk_Pro, who are both germans, and well known in as ScoutWBF and Panschk[FP] (The founder of

The players who get to the final were sC4s]StInG and virus_protoss, both bulgarians. Their main races are Zerg (sC4s]StInG) and Protoss (virus_protoss). The first map was (4)Toxicity v1.1, and virus_protoss win easily with blocking the entrance with zilots and cannon rush. The second game sC4s]StInG pick (4)Sattarchasm, and after 22 minutes of Blood Bath, sC4s]StInG win with a big advantage in army and expands. The third and final game was on (4)Toxicity v1.1 again, picked by virus_protoss. The intresting thing was that virus_protoss chose to be a terran. So the game was TvZ. sC4s]StInG didn't use the advantage that virus_protoss is a protoss player and play only on one hatchery for very fast lurkers, but virus_protoss stop them, and then easily win. So the winner of this tournament was virus_protoss.

virus_protoss is a 15 years old boy. His real name is Ilian Zdravkov Stefanov. He plays Brood War since 2003 year, but only for those 2 years he is showing us that he is having a good future in gaming.

So lets wish good luck to virus_protoss in the showmatch, that the date of it, is still unknown.

You can download the replay pack here

Feel free to edit the newspost i know that i have grammer mistakes. My english is bad :/
At least you dont use Google^^

Pretty sad that no terran made it into the finals.
Yeah, panschk, HOW COULD YOU FAIL BWMN O_O!!!
Oka LGI i come :) thx gl
I hope that the next tourney will be noticed soon
LGI why u not whrite my name ??? i am 3th !!
There wasn't a match for 3th place :) . But ok, if you want, you are 3th :))) . I would show the how brackets to the people, but sux :/ . And i was in a big hurry when writing the article, sorry :)
Congratulations to virus_protoss for winning this one :) I hope he'll play some good games vs Darki. Btw. LGI really sucks but that's all I can do for the moment :|

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