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SPRMC508 of January 2006 05:23 PM
Posted by:Starparty

What is this you say? Well what do you think!? Could it be anything else than:


As the map above indicates it is time to make a teamplayer map. The choises are quite free this time, except that decoration is a must. Im a sucker for beautiful maps so if you wanna win - decorate! :8

* 6-8 Startcloations - map must be playable in 3v3
* Tileset = Jungle, Twilight or Space - Anything else is not accepted
* Dimensions = 128x128 / 128x192 / 192x128 - Be careful - dont make it too big...
* Deadline 18th of January - Thats 10 days from now

The map must ofcourse be balanced, but remember that its a 3on3 player map so focus on 6 players instead of 2. For instance there might be neccesary to place quite alot of expos compared to a 2-4 player map. Goodluck.

ps. im the sole judge in this competition and i will proclaim the winner as i see fit. If i choose the winner just because its the prettiest map - fine. Im the one deciding ;P Don't whine - Decorate.


--v mOsQ
nice nice ^__________^
cool ^^
why on earth is there a limit on tilesets? badlands is fine to play on imo.
It's because it is a rule ^^ Simple as that.

The Random Map Competition always has strange things to it. A limitation to the 3 most used tilesets is nothing compared to the task to built a map where every startposition feels like it has an ally, as it was one of the ones before... THAT was crazy ^^

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random map
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