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Headoff G.I. User Maps Tournament 0229 of January 2006 02:50 PM
Posted by:LGI

So the second Headoff G.I. User Maps Tournament was played. And here is the whole story from the start to the final.

Part one:

Part two:


From all the 16 players that were registered, all bulgarians, Makaveli[BG], Me_mYsTiCaL, Xs-Sup3rSlab and eSu.TechnicS didn't showed up. eSu.TehcnicS send a player to replace him, and that was [TF]...Unique who won vs the winner from Headoff G.I. User Maps Tournament 01 - virus_protoss 2:0.

This time the problems were less, but we still got one big problem, that we will fix in our next tournaments. nF_ChaNcE (the winner in this tournament) in round two, had to play vs PlayTrance (known as hS)TSL[NS]), but they both had probles because hS)TSL[NS] got proxy, and nF_ChaNcE didn't had real IP. So the match was impossible to be played :( . I actually don't know what happened, because i didn't have Internet connection that time, but nF_ChaNce won this match without gaming...

So the first game in the final was on Memory Cell by trcc. nF_ChaNce played as terran with 261 apm and win easy in 15 minutes game vs PAIN who played zerg with 286 apm. The score was 1:0 for nF_ChaNce. The second game PAIN pick the first map from the map pool and this is Space Lotus 1.1 by Starparty. nF_ChaNce was terran again with 244 apm, and PAIN was zerg again with 263 apm. The game was short again. Only 12 minutes. But those 12 minutes were enought for nF_ChaNce to win again vs PAIN.

So the final score was nF_ChaNce 2:0 PAIN and nF_ChaNce won 25 euro + showmatch vs Mireille.

The replay pack can be found in the "Files" section of the site. Or you can just click here

That is the last time i participate in a tournament with bulgarian admins...
So what actually happend?The other admin Xerg sayd to me 'you cant play vs nF_ChaNce because you are proxy' I sayd 'let's try to create game okay?'
So he created game.Me, nF_ChaNce and one observer joined the game.We all downloaded the map and i sayd 'go?' but cF_ChaNce and Xerg did not answered me.The observer asked 'what's happend' and then the Zerg left the game?!?!?!
Afther that he told me 'try to play with him in europe' I told nF_ChaNce the channel in europe i will be but i waited him about 10 minutes.He didnt show up.I asked what's wrong and got answer from nF_ChaNce 'i dont care where you will be, you are with proxy' and he started do acting BM.
PAIN sayd in the channel that he too cant play with nF_ChaNce if he continues because of his IP problem.And then with no answer from anyone i opened the bracked and i saw i am out of the tournament.Okay, so the reason is that nF_ChaNce is good friend with the admin and because of that he continues but HOW he played with PAIN later??So is there a possibility nF_ChaNce had NO PROBLEM with his real IP ??
And btw my nick never was hS)TSL[NS]
Tournament organization : 0
Next time dont invite admin friends and FIX their matches.
i play vs pain because i not have proxy :D and my friend make game for me + pain...... gg gl hf. i not have prblem with mi net man but you have msg to ur admins and say remuv my proxy ..... this is all story i'm manner.
Your Name
gosu chance xDxDxD~
I would like to explain what happened in details.
So, I made game for you and ChaNce to play. The problem was that I didn't saw anything from what you and ChaNcE wrote in the chat room.
After 1 minute or 2 I left the game and asked if you would like me to create another game. I even made an offer to you guys. Because it was impossible for you two to play together, we could have done a small elimination matches vs another player (StInG for example). ChaNce plays 2 games vs him, PlayTrance plays 2 games vs him and the person with more wins advances. We made this on the first tour with LGI.
I saw you massaging ChaNcE to play in Europe.
I'v made a mistake in the brackets and told you to not care about it and that I'll fix it later. Probably you didn't saw my massage :(
Then suddenly you dissapeared, I thought you went to Europe and that you'll be waiting for ChaNcE to go there and play with you. But he was in the "User Maps" channel waiting.
Then I recieved new results from the matches and started updating the brackets. After that my internet connection was interrupted for about 5 minutes and when I entered Headoff I waited for about 15 minutes for you to show up. But you didn't.
What should I do, I asked ChaNcE multiple times what happened, why havent you played in Europe. He only said that your problem with the proxy was unsolvable and that you gave up.
What should I do?? Stop the whole tournament??
Now I see where the problem was, my mistake in the brackets, and the fact that I didn't informed you earlier. And I'm really sorry for that. I'm not blaming anyone for my mistakes. What I wanted to do is to make an official excuse to PlayTrance for my unprofessional behaviour. I really tried to do my job well.
It's all my fault, but you are wrong for one thing, I have nothing to do with ChaNcE or with anyone. So I take your last words as personal insult.
You are all welcome...
Your Name
mene ako pitate ako TSL ne e vidql 4e admina mu e kazal 4e shemata e oburkana si ima pravo i az bih reagiral taka,no ako e vidql suobshtenieto na Xerg 4e shemata e sburkana sam si e vinoven.kolko do Xerg mislq 4e edinstvena mu gre6ka e 4e e oburkal shemata,no nali i toi e 4ovek vseki gre6i samo deto toq put toi e stanal jertva na obstoqtelstavata
Abe horata s proxy-ta trqbva da se zasramqt i tva e...
Your Name
iskam da pitam she ima li novi turniri ???
a LGI ????????

P.S: ako she ima daide informaciq plsss
6te ima, no info-to e samo za pokanenite... rezultatite 6te bydat publikuvani pak tuk.

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